>DAY 24

>Entering the Eastern Time Zone: Feels Too Close to Home

We woke up around 7 am our second morning in Nashville- a good four hours earlier than the previous day. We knew we had a loooong day of driving ahead of us, and wanted to make it to one of our final destinations before dark.

Well, even with the early wakeup, the sunset still beat us to Washington DC. This picture was taken somewhere in Virginia, towards the end of our 700 mile driving stint.

I am trying to remember back to what this day of driving was like, and one of the memories that sticks out most clearly is how I felt when we crossed into the Eastern Time Zone. This happened somewhere in Eastern Tennessee, which is obviously a good distance from home. Still, just the fact that we were technically back in the “East” made me feel like I was steps away from the GW bridge, one giant leap from guidos and japs and really good cream cheese.

I couldn’t believe it was only a week ago that Nic and I climbed up the boulders that enclosed Happy Oasis Farm in Arizona, gazing out at miles and miles of desert- feeling so far away from anything.

Now were were at a one-star restaurant somewhere in Virginia, splitting a veggie wrap and chocolate brownie sundae and taking turns walking around the premises to stretch our legs. We were a mere two hours from DC, yet were reluctant to keep driving east. It felt too soon, too rushed. That being said, we had a bed to sleep in two hours east, and I was eager to see my best friend Danielle–whose house we were staying at.

We got to Danielle’s just before 10pm, and I think we were asleep by 11.

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marketing director at Possible. formerly at Greatist. Still running, finding zen, and searching for the perfect bloody mary.

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