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So, I decided I might try to keep this going. I think I got over my initial fear of blogs–just as long as I refrain from telling you about mundane, daily nuances, or start showing you pictures of my children on their first day of school (kidding). Those blogs are the WORST. In any case, I’ll try my best to be witty. Maybe informative. Imaginative. Who knows! For now though, I miss writing for an audience, and a blog seems to be a good way to fulfill this need.

Okay! Well, since you guys followed the life of me and Nic on the road for a month, I guess I’ll do a “where-are-they-now?” type thing. My dear friend Nicole is up in Morning Side Heights in Manhattan–a far far far 300 miles from me. Miss. Intelligent is getting her M.A. in Climate and Society at Columbia University; the program is a year long and allows her to conduct her own field study/research next summer anywhere in the world! She is also interning at the Earth Institute with their tropical agriculture program. I really wish I understood more of what this all means, buuuut I don’t. You should e-mail her and ask yourself! ncrescimanno@gmail.com

As for me, I am finally settled in a new house (as of yesterday…the white one pictured above) and really feel like I can finally take life by the reigns. I moved to College Park, MD about a month ago to start my internship with the Smithsonian African Art Museum. I lived in Danielle’s basement living room for most of September while I looked for housing in DC. While College Park was convenient, I am so happy to finally be in the district.

This was my room in MD–quaint, but as you can see, I didn’t have a door. Or windows.
Here is the entrance. Not quite burglar proof.

Here is my room now; I’m not totally unpacked or decorated, but you’ll get the jist:

I’m going to find out if I can paint the walls, in which case, there will be a 30% chance that I actually will. For now, I am just happy to have some real sunlight.

I live with three dudes, which is awesome. They are 25,31, and 32. They all have real jobs and are super friendly and chill. Hopefully they’ll become a big-brother figure for me. I also live with a girl, her name is Zoe:

So, on top of interning, I am also a server at Le Pain Quotidien. While I’ve waitressed before and KNOW how much I despise it, the money is good and everyone at the establishment is super awesome. Le Pain and its frenchness attracts many French West-Africans, so a good portion of the wait-staff, along with one of my managers, is African. So between the museum and the restaurant, I am surrounded by the love, comfort, and familiarity of all things African. I couldn’t ask for anything more.

As I wrap this up, I realize that while I said I would refrain from writing about mundane shit, I just posted pictures of my bedrooms. At this rate, I’ll post a few more of the house (for you, mom) and then promise that the next post will be more exciting. Maybe.

I’m off to explore my new neighborhood!
(you cant see it, but there is a beer tap attached to that fridge.)

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