>I went for a walk

>and took my camera. What enthralls me most about my new neighborhood is the diversity I encounter from block to block. I’ll show you what I mean:

I leave my house and encounter autumn. I love to see how my neighbors decorate their front porches. (Ours is currently full of bikes and cigarette butts. I didn’t take a picture).

As I head south on 14th street, I breathe a sigh of relief. I now know that if I ever feel like my casual alcohol consumption starts to become a concern, there is a support system right down the road! Now all I have to do is learn Spanish, develop a drinking problem, and I’m all set. And after I go to alcoholicos anonimos, I can buy a fresh mango from Maria. Mmm!

I’ve been eying this eatery since I moved here, yet I still haven’t walked inside. Gloria’s seems to be calling my name though, and I’m not exactly sure why. Maybe it’s just that those hole-in-the-wall places are usually the most delicious.

Wait? What’s this? Gloria’s is two blocks behind me and I encounter some kinda cool, kinda cheesy geysers. And whats in the background? Oh, a mall. I can go to Target AND work out in the same complex!

No need to panic, I can keep walking and contemplate hopping on the metro. Once underground, I can literally go anywhere: southeast to hang with the crack addicts, downtown to hang with Obama, or directly west to hang with elephants and monkeys (aka go to the zoo). Instead, I keep walking, read up on some cultural facts of Columbia Heights, and continue south.

I know where I’m going. As much as I love a city atmosphere, I need my green. Thankfully, I find my sanctuary:

I sit at the park for awhile, get my nature fix, and head back home. Actually, thats a lie. I go to Target. I buy coffee , juice and body wash. Then I see a group of business men listen to an executive guy speak right in front of Five Guys. I laugh. Then I go home.

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marketing director at Possible. formerly at Greatist. Still running, finding zen, and searching for the perfect bloody mary.

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