>the little things

>I’m finding that amongst my crazy schedule, there are nuances in my day-to-day routine that I find particularly pleasant. Moreover, I think these are what keep me sane. So, if you care (you should care), keep reading. I’m about to tell you what they are. I might even make a list.

This the a bar/restaurant right across the street from LPQ; I almost always go here for a drink after I get off with my friends. I’m quickly becoming friendly with their waitstaff, who always over-generously calculate our bar tab to be a whopping $4. In any case, I love to just sit at the bar after a crazy nine hour shift and unwind with a glass of white wine, an old-fashioned, orrr a shot of tequila. Woops.

2) Pleasant Customers
People in Bethesda suck. A lot. So when you wait on them, it can be a borderline awful experience. “Can I get water without ice and an extra lemon?” No. “You can make my nonfat skim latte with extra foam and half-caf?” Hell no! (Soy milk is not even nonfat, genius). But, there comes a time when I have great conversations with my tables, and it makes me have faith in the human race once again. For instance, I finally have my first “regular.” He’s an older man who comes on Sunday’s and always asks to sit in my section. He gets an avocado/tomato omelette with an extra side of baguette and a pot of coffee. This last Sunday he learned about my story and I found out he’s an international business/economics professor at Georgetown. We talked for awhile about economics, culture, and other random stuff, and he gave me his card at the end of his meal, telling me to call him if I’m ever in any trouble. I also had a lady today who I ended up talking to for an hour after my last table was closed. I left with a paper filled of contacts in the DC area who she said would love to talk to me about my interests.

3) The Living Room
I really enjoy when all my housemates are home at once and we gather in our living room with the TV on (football). We usually just talk about random stuff, but it’s great to feel comradery with them. Beyond the living room, the other week we all went to my fourth housemates trivia night at a local bar. We didn’t win, and Adam probably answered 90% of the questions asked (I think my contribution was recognizing a song by the Pussy Cat Dolls…). It was still fun though.

4) Crisp Mornings
I’m usually up early. Really early. But it also takes a good hour or two before my body is all pissed at me for not getting enough sleep. I love to step outside with my cup of coffee and greet the still, peaceful mornings that are becoming chillier by the day. I hug my mug, sit on my front stoop, and see if my breath is visible in the morning air. It’s simple. It’s nice.

5)Red Derby
There is a bar right by my house that reminds me of DA’s in Saratoga. It’s pretty small and laid back, but exudes a really awesome energy. There’s a pool table, darts, andddd a juke box. You can also get $2 PBR’s, play jenga, and sit outside next to space heaters. I definitely frequent this bar, and enjoy going to the back where the chalk board is. Here is my friend Ibrahim creating some art.

In other news, I’m about 65% sure I got stung by a bee today for the first time in my life. To be honest, it was more exciting than it was painful; I’ve been waiting for the day! Seriously. But then again, I’m only 65% sure.

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marketing director at Possible. formerly at Greatist. Still running, finding zen, and searching for the perfect bloody mary.

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  1. >beautiful read!!…about d bee, i ot stung by a bee once..on ma nose..it felt "quite exciting" (to say d least) at first..but then it really began 2 suck…I love ur blog dear ..its kinda refrshing..

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