>merry merry

>Merry Christmas All! I have a little down time between gift opening/breakfast eating/mimosa drinking at home and dinner eating/cocktail drinking/christmas conversation and cheer at a family friend’s house, so I figured I would give a shout out to the ol’ blog world on Jesus’s big day.

My parents, brother and I have had a lovely morning. In fact, my time at home has been extremely relaxing, comfortable, and stressless. I arrived home Tuesday morning, at 1:30 am to be exact. My friend dropped me off in Brooklyn where I so peacefully woke my brother up and crashed on his futon for five hours so he could get to his office breakfast on Long Island by 7:15. No matter-my mom picked me up and we had a glorious breakfast at Sweet Mama’s before I rightfully passed out in my bed until the sun was setting.

Since home, I’m finding that some things never change. Charlie, my cat, is the same ol odd furball. He can’t really meow since his voicebox is all screwed up, but his appetite has grown recently. Sooo, he gives it all he has to get us to hear his pleas for food. Result? He sort of sounds like a possessed demon cat; how adorable, right? When he finally gets his food, he immediately throws it up, then immediately begs for more. Like I said, some things never change.

I’ve been seeing some friends from home, I plan on going into the city a few times, and I’m looking forward to a serene New Years up in Vermont to go skiing and get my fill of New England air before I head back to the Mid-Atlantic.

But, back to Christmas morning. My dad and I were in charge of breakfast: I made a carmelized banana and pumpkin baked oatmeal, and he made baked eggs n cheese. Of course there was bacon. I also bought a bottle of Andre for mimosas, since I am constantly striving to be classy.

I came away with wonderful things, as always. Some things of note: see that picture of the Colorado rockies on the top of this blog? Yeah, I took that picture, and yeah, my brother printed it for me so I can hang it in my bedroom in DC. How awesome! In lieu of some very nice clothes, I also received a sack of grits, an exotic chicken calendar, perfume (to hopefully attract a fine gentleman), and a calvin klein bra (incase the perfume works…KIDDING)…

I was excited to give my fam their gifts as well: my dad: software that transfers VHS to DVD (we have a ton of great home videos), my mom: a moose papertowel holder and adirondack-bear placemates for our new kitchen (I swear it’s cooler than it sounds), and my brother: an LP for his new record player and the world’s largest crossword puzzle. Think I’m kidding?

I also received this t-shirt. Watch out world:

Hope everyone has a wonderful day……merry merry merry!

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