>DAY 2

>March 5th:

The next morning we all woke up overheating in our sleeping bags, and quickly aroused to greet the warm southern California air we’ve been yearning for. We had been recommended a breakfast spot the night before; Kaila and I repeated the name over and over again since we knew our beer-cushioned heads would have a hard time remembering it. It was called Some Crust Bakery, and the only reason I can tell you this is because of the picture I took:

Anyways, Some Crust had egg-sliders! So delicious! So creative! You could pick your bread, your dressing, and your toppings. Sometimes I just love America. After we ate we drove to Santa Barbara to meet up with our friends Hannah and Fishman. They took us on a hike to the beach that was absolutely beautiful. We made it to the coast and swam in the ocean, sipped on beer, and expressed how relaxing and luxurious tour was so far. (Granted it was only day two, but…well whatever).

Once it started to cool off we walked back to the car and drove into town to our venue: Muddy Waters. The place was a neat medium sized coffeehouse that also offered beer and wine. We picked up about a ton and a half of Mexican food on our way over, sound checked, and ate ourselves into oblivion before our set.

Once again, the show’s energy was great. There weren’t as many drunk and hyper attendees as Pitzer, but the crowd seemed to be having a great time. We stuck around for a band that played after us, and then crashed at a friend of Kaila’s. We all had a slumber party in the living room—eating ginger snaps and gummy bears— before falling comfortably to sleep.

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marketing director at Possible. formerly at Greatist. Still running, finding zen, and searching for the perfect bloody mary.

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