a love story

I used to be the only young lady in my brother’s life.

And then he met a girl.

After a long struggle with alcoholism *, Jim finally put down the booze and realized that Kati chose to sit behind him in Spanish class for a reason.


They had fun together, but were both going off to school. No one was quite sure how they would handle the distance…


But alas! Through trial and tribulation, they made it!

Having both graduated college, they went on to achieve their own goals. Jimmy passed his CPA exam, became an accountant, and started working, while Kati received her Master’s at Teachers College and started teaching 7th grade English. Kati devoured her free time by drinking english breakfast tea, making jewelry boards, and reading the NY Times Real Estate section.  On the other hand, Jimmy found himself keeping up with Fantasy Football stats, making up funny tax puns, and watching weather radars. Even with different occupations and hobbies, they had one VERY important thing in common….



Yeah, I know. Living in sin. But what can ya do?  They made it real nice, and even started putting up their own Christmas tree. Serious stuff.

Now that they were living together, they started to learn things from one another.




Jimmy started to eat vegetables that Kati would cook for him (note the picture…that IS a pepper, and that is ALSO a thumbs up) while Kati started to endure love and really want her own cat.







 And as time went on, they grew closer and closer, their love grew stronger, and their lives melded into one. They began dancing on a regular basis, cooking toegether, going to quite a few Mets games, and visiting moi in DC.


  Then things got REAL real.  They started going on vacations together.  They alternated family’s for gatherings on holidays. They even opened up a shared bank account (I KNOW).  Cards sent to my family members were signed “love Anne, Jim, Jimmy, Laura, and Kati,”  and Kati’s dog Elloise started liking Jimmy (almost) more than her own family members.

So it only made sense for Jim to drop down on one knee.

Luckily, she said yes. They both seemed pretty happy right after it happened.


Jim and Kate, this is my little pre-congratulations to you.  I love you both very much, and cannot wait to get really drunk at your wedding grow with you as you unite our families and continue living together in bliss.


Your sister.

* Jimmy wasn’t really an alcoholic

About Laura

marketing director at Possible. formerly at Greatist. Still running, finding zen, and searching for the perfect bloody mary.

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