city livin

Hello from my new room in Williamsburg!  Or maybe Greenpoint!  I’m not really sure.  Anyhoo, I am currently* sitting on my air mattress* (which likes to deflate on me over night) with a pile of clothes to my right (no dresser yet*) and a beautiful window that looks out to our back padio– fully equipped with peach and fig tree–on my left.

I went for a run early this morning to beat the heat, and discovered that there are actually Pros (!!) to running in the city. But, alas, there are cons too.  A list, shall we?


  • There are so many interesting things to look at!  People with their faces covered in tattoos, hipsters walking their pugs, old polish men selling pastries and perogies, and film crews at the East River Park.  Who can think of being tired and/or sweating away thee existence when you can look at all of that?
  • There’s a really nice track in McCarren Park right around the corner from me.  I can run a mile on there to pretend I’m warming up for a high school workout and then NOT have to run one!  I can also watch people take their kick boxing/personal defense classes on the inner field. That’s fun.
  • I can explore new neighbors I normally don’t travel to by foot: Ft. Green and Park Slope, to name ..two.


  • Running can mean heavy breathing.  And heavy breathing in New York City can mean inhaling some sketchy air.
  • I have to stop at the occasional light, or risk being run over by a huge truck :/
  • There are no hills! Absoutely flat.  Meh.
  • I miss running on trails for less impact and pretty scenery.  Here, while the scenery is distracting, I don’t know if I’ll ever find any city  pretty.  That’s just my own personal opinion.

Anyhoo, the past few days have been incredibly busy.  I’ve moved out,  and moved in, and hauled heavy furniture, and bought necessary “life” household items (ie. garbage can, can/wine opener, soap?).  I’ve continued commuting to Manhattan for work, and continued going to stress-induced interviews.  

Aaaand it’s all quite lovely.

And before we acquire more furniture, I have to enjoy my post-run oatmeal and the NYtimes comfortably on my floor.  I don’t mind.


* * * I now have a dresser and a real mattress! And..lies..I am now sitting at our dining room/living room/kitchen table.  The delay in posts is due to  my nearly new macbook pro not wanting to let me switch fonts.  I need to borrow another person’s comp in order to do so. SIGH. But, get ready for lots of urban anthropological thoughts after this first week of exploring Greenpoint and Williamsburg. Let me tell you now–it aint just full of hipsters. Thank God.

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marketing director at Possible. formerly at Greatist. Still running, finding zen, and searching for the perfect bloody mary.

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