excuses, excuses.

Aright, aright… I’m sorry!  It’s been a while since I’ve posted, and believe me–I’ve been aware.  And while the whole “life has been sooo crazy” excuse can easily apply here, I’m going to forgo it.

The thing is, I’ve been writing a whole lot.  I started an amazing “dream” job at www.greatist.com, where I’m constantly writing and  brainstorming in my little head.  I also still write for joonbug, so when I’m not thinking about protein shakes, the folate content in beets, or exercising to boost energy, I’m going to “cancer balls” and young patron group openings to interview people way more professional than me and, in turn, exploit them on the interwebs (kidding).

The point?  I am slowly realizing that my “writing voice” is getting stuck in my head.  I go to bed thinking lyrically or wittily; my stream of consciousness is becoming way too put together, and I feel myself actually turning into a…”writer.” It’s crazy (and really awesome). And yet, when the end of the day comes and I can choose to post here or let me crazy, writing mind take a breather, I choose the latter.

With that in mind, some things of note:

-That “cancer ball” I mentioned is actually a really inappropriate way of saying I covered an event for the Cancer Society Community, properly titled “The Red Ball.” I got quotes, mingled, and may or may not have stalked all the hors d’oeuvre servers (crab cakes won out, second place to the sesame chicken).  We even got to drink Grand Marnier out of “Red Balls,” which seemed rather fitting.

-I have also been able to stalk strangers in Williamsburg.  I’m writing a piece on the dangers of eating too much protein for greatist, so I figured I could get a photo of a friend munching on a burger to compliment the article.  Turns out that 99% of my friends don’t really eat red meat, and the other 1% have realized it’s October (!!eee), and have already retired their barbeques.  The point? I went out to strangers at burger joints, awkwardly asked hostesses if I could stalk their customers, and asked people if I could get pretty morbid pictures of them consuming cow.  Exhibit A:

 So…yes. HAPPY OCTOBER- May this month be filled with pumpkin, sausage, apples, and beer.

About Laura

marketing director at Possible. formerly at Greatist. Still running, finding zen, and searching for the perfect bloody mary.

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