the windy city


So Al and I just returned from our mini midwestern getaway. Overall, Chicago was a grand ol’ time; we experienced a nice balance of cultural, touristy stuff, social, alcoholic, and young rambunctious stuff (sort of), and absolutely nothing..stuff (took lots of naps).

Some highlights included going to the ZOO and seeing giraffes, tigers, weird birds, and christmas lights! We also went to the Chicago Art Institute which had an amazing new modern wing, along with some classic Monet and Van Gogh (beautiful) and African Art (obv the best). We dabbled in Millennium Park, waved to Lake Michigan, went to an incredible German Christmas market and drank mulled wine, frequently felt cold, played with a cat, watched Super Troopers, ate burritos the size of our heads (that’s what the restaurant was called..), saw live improv, went to a birthday party, saw a woman’s purse get stolen in Starbucks, witnessed a car accident, drank tequila, drank whiskey, spooned together in a freezing bedroom while pretending we were “camping,” lost my phone, found my phone, pretended my phone was still lost, oh—and stayed at the Pritzker household,  one of the richest families in the world who owns the Hyatt. I promise (but seriously). Also, made new friends. That was the best.

Since that was the longest list..ever, I’ll now interrupt myself with some photos for yr viewing pleasure:


Enough of that. Last call of duty: Spirit Airlines. Well…it didn’t take us long to figure out why flights were so… reasonable? We got on the plane only to learn there was no running water in the bathrooms, and the engine that controls the AC/Heat was broken (but don’t worry, that engine has nothing to do with the ones that make the plane fly. Cool). Nothing was complimentary: we splurged on the $8 combo for two drinks, pringles, and animal crackers. We also spent a good ten minutes failing to recline our seats (probably had to pay for that, too). The ride back was unfortunately worse. The flight attendants kept saying something about no one changing seats because the plane had to stay “balanced” (or what?), and while there indeed was running water this time, there was also a shit ton of turbulence. I had luckily just ordered myself two glasses of wine right as the plane was about to (in my head) nose dive into Lake Michigan. Panic stricken, I literally…chugged my wine as my hands were shaking and tears were falling down my face (not my best moment). Thankfully, we didn’t crash (if you hadn’t guessed) and after the turbulence passed, Ali and I listened to Countdown on repeat, wrote our new years resolutions, and were, well, really drunk. Not a bad way to depart the Windy City, if you ask me.

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