10: k’s & miles

My body hurts. But in a good way.

 This weekend was another one chocked full of friends, working-out, and (thankfully) sleeping. The adventures started Friday afternoon when Greatist  headed over to Chelsea Piers to try SurfSet, a brand new fitness class that had us paddling out to the “ocean,” ducking under and catching waves, jumping up, and definitely wiping out—all indoors. The board simulates a real surfing experience, and was a full-body workout too (insert: planks and squats on a wobbly surface). And while SurfSet does help people train for the real thing, I kind of hate waves (don’t like large bodies of things collapsing on me) and am  not a huge fans of sharks (heard they’re not that friendly). So I’d be more than happy to stick to the indoor version and try it again.

Later that evening, I went to Jim & Kate’s for sushi and was re-reminded that spicy tuna and soft-shell crab topped with eel, avocado, and caviar is the best thing in the entire universe. Then it was time for immediate sleep, since I had a 5:30 am wake-up call.

On Saturday morning, I ran my first 10K ever down in Prospect Park, and had a blast. But before the race, might I add that I wasn’t expecting the L to be crowded at 6 am, but I barely got a seat? Where was everyone going?! Anyway, about 50-thousands trains and hours later, I made it to the starting line with Jocelyn and Laura, and  Beyonce led me out through mile one.

Now, I really had no idea how I was going to feel, especially since I’ve been doing a lot more strength training recently and haven’t clocked in more than four miles a day (on those silly treadmills, mind you). But I felt surprisingly good, so I just went for it—comfortably.  I kept a steady mid 7-minute pace throughout, experienced an amazing runners-high at mile five, then finished strong. All good things! However, the best part came after—breakfast—which was with Laura and Jocelyn, along w/ new pals Susan and Betsy.

I devoured an omelette, and then trecked back to Brooklyn to collapse in my bed (at noon) and wake up an hour later, starving (woops). I ate what was probably the largest banana I’ve ever seen in my life, and went baaaaack on the train to attend a Kettlebell Kickboxing class with Kelly! I was half-ready to fall asleep, half-ready to foam roll my legs out for days, but I put in as much effort as my body could muster and felt the burrrrn. Unfortunately, I have awful coordination and take to direction poorly, so any sort of fitness class that involves lots of movements and sequences and left rights kick jump twirl spin loop-dee-loop, makes me feel lost and confused and sometimes I just stop. Till someone comes over and helps me. Which happened.

The rest of the evening was a haze as I was in-and-out of napping and reading and writing and listening to music with Ali, until I rejoined the rest of the Saturday-night world for some drinks with some frieeeends. I treated myself to a delicious bourbon cocktail, then went back home with Nicole and Ali to make cookies and watch The Daily Show before collapsing happily, for the third time, into bed.


Ali, Nic, and I all woke up around eight, and enjoyed a morning of coffee and mellow tunes before heading to different boroughs—Manhattan, Queens, and Brooklyn. I went yet again to South Brooklyn to run, but this time it was a group fun-run with Jack Rabbit that took us over the Brooklyn Bridge, through Chinatown’s New Year celebration, and back over the Manhattan Bridge. And it was also 10 miles—a distance I have never run.

Verdict? It was AWESOME. The pace averaged at a comfortable 9:30, but the last mile was around a minute faster, and I felt like I could’ve kept going (always a good sign). But besides the run itself, it’s always great to meet new runners who share that same crazy passion and who ALL have stories of ironmans and marathons and what have you. (One day?).

Then, of course, there’s the view.


After the run, the group enjoyed some bagels and coffee at JackRabbit, then Laura, Jocelyn and I headed over to The Bell House for their mac-n-cheese takedown. Before the doors opened, we headed to the bar (obv) and ordered three mighty-fine classy drinks: zin, allagash, and bloody mary (hydration at its finest). Then once the event began, we ate about five thousands pounds of mac n cheese and discussed some favorites (lobster mac, that one with all the bacon crumbled on top, and the leek and sauteed onion dish) while critiquing the not-so great ones (oyster mac, kale and chicken sausage, and the deep-friend ball). Winners were announced, more mac and cheese was consumed, and then it was time to go home. And collapse (again) in bed at 5PM. And not get out till tomorrow. Life rules.

About Laura

marketing director at Possible. formerly at Greatist. Still running, finding zen, and searching for the perfect bloody mary.

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  1. No date night with roomie?

    I can’t believe I forgot to ask you about kettlebell kickboxing today.I want to hear more.

  2. Oh we’re both lounging on my bed right now…eating salsa and chips….

  3. Life does rule. Well said. Love the EPIC post!

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