So, we rate things (sometimes unknowingly!) in life, right? And some things are overrated, and other times… they’re underrated. And I was thinking about this when walking home in the rain the other week, because I believe this to be a lovely, yet underrated activity (which I wrote about this summer!). So then I thought to myself that I should create a list with allllll the things I think are over or underrated and put them on this blog. Cause I can.


1. Fantasy Sports—I don’t understand the point of taking players and putting them on different teams and having “imaginary” games and betting lots of money and constantly checking stats… when you can watch REAL sports on tv. I just..don’t get it and never will  :/

2. Rain boots—The thing with rain boots is… you need it to be raining ALL day for them to be a sufficient article of clothing. In my experience (singular because I’ve worn my pair once), rain boots aren’t really an all-day kind of wear-fare, and only really come in handy if you’re outside ALL day and it’s raining ALL day. Doesn’t seem worth the splurge.

3. Brad Pitt—Sorry Brad you have a square head and will never be good-looking.

4. Cheese—I knowwww,  I just, don’t really like cheese that much? Add it to a sandwich or scrambled eggs and I can’t really tell! Some hard-cheeses are good (parmesan!), but goat cheese is whack and way too sophisticated for me (esp w/ beets). And fondue? That’s weird. It’s like fancy cheese-wiz.

5. MGMT—Hi I like wearing American Apparel and I like listening to MGMT. All their songs sound the same/ make me kind of anxious, they’re apparently bad live, and their band name isn’t an acronym. (But still in caps). Elitists.

6. Vodka—Rubbing alcohol in a bottle… even the good stuff. Vodka, unless you’re in a bloody mary, I hate you.  (Plus you make me reaaally drunk).

7. Netflix—Why do I feel like everyone I know has/loves Netflix? I don’t have the attention span to sit and watch television/a movie on my laptop. Besides, I feel like films and episodes should strictly be a real-sized TV/couch kind of thing.

8. The Color Blue—Blah blah blah EVERYONE loves the color blue (as do I), but pick a new one. No one likes orange. Try liking orange.

9. New Years Eve—If I had it my way, I’d sit at home with a few friends and have wine (sans cheese) and play board games and maaybe acknowledge the stroke of midnight before putting some more houses on Park Place. The hype of New Years always freaks me out (although I genuinely enjoyed this past one), and a single champagne hangover is more than I can handle.

10. Money—There is having enough money (and being smart and generous to yourself and others for all your hard work to earn it)… and then there is having too much money and spending it for the wrong reasons and being greedy and unhappy and dramatic and oy. Money can make shit weird.

11. Facebook—Facebook, you official creep me out. I learned that the Giants won in OT because of you. You now have this timeline feature that confuses me. At least the poke thing is gone me thinks?


1. Loofahs—Okay, if you’re showering without a proper loofah, there is no way you are making that body wash soapy enough. Good loofahs are the key to cleanliness and happiness, and lots of soap suds.

2. Giraffes—These camels meet leopards are the COOLEST. I don’t understand why everyone isn’t talking about them all day. Their necks are insane (which these use as weapons!), their tongues are two feet long, they can’t cough, and one was famous enough to sponsor Toys R Us!

3. Seltzer—Why is non-flavored carbonated water so good? I dunno, but it is. And I drink a gallon and a half of it every night. Everyone else should too…it makes you feel “classy.”

4. Fela Kuti—All it takes is a few seconds of listening to realize Fela is a musical genius (RIP). So give him a try, he’s a pioneer of the Afrobeat: a multi-instrumentalist and composer meets human rights activist and political maverick. Not to mention a 100% Nigerian badass. 

5. Flight of the Concords—I’m pretty sure this show died after two seasons, but the first season is hilarious, their songs are amazing, and they wear non-hooded sweatshirts better than anyone I know.

6. Lamps— I am pretty convinced there is nothing worse that those abrasive fluorescent lights in dorm rooms, offices, and apartments. If I had it my way, I’d never turn them on, and just plug in a bunch of quirky lamps. I currently have one in my room. It’s a tree lamp with bears climbing up it. Yep.

7. Graphic novels—Nope, these aren’t comic books. Not really. They’re longer, bound differently, and..well I’m not sure exactly how they’re different. But graphic novels are amazing and you should definitely give them a read. I recommend Persepolis or Fun Home

8. The NHL—Sigh. Nobody likes hockey these days (around here), and it’s a shame! It’s just as fast moving as basketball, except there are sticks, ice, and fights (!) involved. It’s like the perfect hybrid of the NFL, the NBA, and figure skating. I’m not sure why people aren’t obsessed.

9. Bob Dylan—Every now and then, I meet a Bob Dylan hater (ahem.. Rich). And this boggles my mind! His voice is cranky? Realllly? But that harmonica is just sooo good, and his songs are a crazy influential mix of Woody Guthrie meets Buddy Holly meets Little Richard. What’s not to love?

10. Socks—Can’t live without socks, and neither can you. There is nothing more perfect then getting home and putting on a pair of wool socks. Nothin!

11. New Mexico—This state— the Land of Enchantment— is by far one of the most magical in the U.S. New Mexico has both landscapes and urban culture. Albuquerque is colorful and crazy. Taos is breathtaking. New Mexico is a billion times better than Arizona, even though they’re next door neighbors. It’s insanely beautiful. You should go!

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marketing director at Possible. formerly at Greatist. Still running, finding zen, and searching for the perfect bloody mary.

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  1. Ahem indeed. I like Bob Dylan covers just fine- it’s his godawful voice I can’t stand.

    Check out “African Soldier” and “You Can Run” by Fela’s son Seun.

    I’m going to have to respectfully disagree with you on Cheese, Netflix, Loofahs, and the previously mentioned Dylan. I don’t have an opinion on giraffes. Otherwise, we’re pretty much in sync.

  2. 9. New Years Eve—If I had it my way, I’d sit at home with a few friends and have wine (sans cheese) and play board games and maaybe acknowledge the stroke of midnight before putting some more houses on Park Place. The hype of New Years always freaks me out (although I genuinely enjoyed this past one), and a single champagne hangover is more than I can handle.

    … pretty much exactly how i spent my new years. board games, brews, friends and good laughs

  3. TOTALLY WITH YOU on rainboots. I hate having to carry around extra shoes – and then what am I supposed to do with my rainboots when I’m wearing my indoor shoes?

    Cannot believe the cheese thing… though Mat hates it too, so I suppose I’ve learned over the years that it’s not for everyone.

    YES YES YES on New Year’s Eve. I think I’ve now found my date.

    Also, seltzer is God’s gift to those-who-like-to-keep-eating-but-aren’t-really-hungry. I chug it too.

    My random comment is done.

  4. Wait, I love hockey. GO CAPS! Lets start watching together?

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