cheering and painting

Today was a wonderful Sunday.

As of late, I tend to wake up on Sundays kind of exhausted, pretty hungover, and lacking the motivation to do anything productive. So when there’s an opportunity for Sunday’s to be filled with fun, I run with it.

After a craAzZzzy St. Patrick’s Day (read: 8 mile run, coffee date w/ a friend visiting from DC, some solid work at HQ, and two drinks that made me pathetically a-little-more-than-tipsy) I found my bed by midnight and was greeted with a 7:30 alarm and quickly realized I had to roll out stat. Because at that moment, thousands of people were running the NYC Half Marathon. And here I was, wrapped up in warm covers, barely moving a muscle.  Cheering was the least I could do.

I headed down to South Street Seaport, where the finish line was. Still amazed at how packed the L is no matter what hour, I made it down to Water Street with time to spare. I met up with Kim, and we grabbed a prime screaming spot to watch all the runners come in. It was also quite humorous hearing the announcers; they must see who is coming to the line based on their chips, and were able to give some finishers a few seconds of fame: And heeeeere comes Dan, who is getting his MBA from Duke! He is both smart aaand fit!”

Here is Kim and her sister, Katie, who kicked ass and deserved that mountain of pancakes and bacon. (Kim, you deserve it too!)

I was especially proud of Jocelyn, who KILLED not only her PR, but the time she was hoping to run (by 4 minutes!!). Look at this picture! She is so enthusiastic! Laura also fed Jocelyn her favorite treat (cadbury eggs) that she weaned herself off of while training.


Watching this race also reminded me how cool it is to see so many people who have worked their butts off cross the finish line. The human body is an amazing thing, and it literally makes me beam seeing sooo many people accomplish an amazing feat! I also may or may not have teared up seeing a blind man finish with three guides by his side. Now he was STOKED.

After a delightful brunch with Laura and Jocelyn, I camped out in a bookstore for awhile and then made my way over to HQ to…paint our office !! We thought our walls needed a little Buzz Blaster Blue, Apple Sauce Cake, and someothercolor, so we picked up a few brushes and made it happen:


Clearly, we are just as good at painting as we are at inspiring the world to make healthier choices. ; )

So overall, Sunday = success. Since I’m semi-helpless, my brother and Kati fed me dinner before I actually went home to hard chill with Ali and Jenna before hitting the hay. Which is

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marketing director at Possible. formerly at Greatist. Still running, finding zen, and searching for the perfect bloody mary.

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  1. I had so much fun with you, and I can’t wait to see the new office one of those times when I randomly stalk you/drop in! It looks great in pics 🙂

  2. Thank you for coming to cheer for me!!

    Also, I love the applesauce color! Fabulous.

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