battling the great outdoors

It has been way too nice in New York recently. Not that I hate it. I busted out flip flops and shorts once the temps rose above 60 degrees. And yet, I have one qualm with the sunny skies, balmy air, and absolutely no need for even a light coat (sup, March?)— I absolutely do not want to step foot in a gym.

Since I have the best job in the world, I’m able to step out in the afternoons to take a train up to Central Park and get in a quick 5-7 miles. (Side note: there are way too many attractive runners in CP, although I wonder why they’re there at 4pm. I know why I am, but sir, please tell me you are also employed.) Regardless, all this beautiful weather just makes me want to run far and long and forever, without entering another hot and sweaty gym.

This used to never be a problem, because all I really knew as far as exercise went was running sneakers, running watch, and running trails. But now I also dabble with cable machines, dumbbells, bosu balls, and boxing bags, and unfortunately, Central Park didn’t get the memo.


Which is why I came up with a genius idea: an outdoor gym. It wouldn’t be like those stupid poles that look like aliens at parks. It’d be better. The layout would be the same as any other fitness facility, except over green, green grass. I’d first put in two tracks — one flat, the other with rolling hills (how COOL). Then weight machines, squat racks, dumbbells, cardio stuff, the like. And of course I’d get one of those water-censored roofs that would cover the whole thing incase it rains (and hopefully be just as fast as the umbrella sellers who make it out to nyc streets at first drizzle.) There would also be a huge ball pit, because those are so hard to get out of and must be some sort of upper-body/ab exercise. Other musts: some REAL rocks for rock climbing, outdoor showers, a barbecue/smoothie area, and a nice secluded spot (maybe under a waterfall?) for naked yoga.

So if anyone is interesting in doing this with me and has an exorbitant amount of money and a large plot of land in a convenient  and populated location, I have about one day per week to do it to it. Just let me know. In the mean time, if anyone else has tricks for keeping the strength training going as the weather ONLY gets nicer and my legs ONLY want to run farther, please fill me in.

About Laura

marketing director at Possible. formerly at Greatist. Still running, finding zen, and searching for the perfect bloody mary.

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  1. marathon winer

    i’m so with you!! apparently europe is ahead of the game…little sister saw ellipticals and crazy other gym things all over the parks in spain! lets doooooooo it.

  2. oh man! we must be the first to do it in nyc…ill start playing lotto for a good down-payment..

  3. how about you make it a FREE outdoor gym???

    Also – there is a really cool rock climbing place in BROOKLYN – we need to try it soon! (its indoors though – so rainy day plan)

  4. OY you and broooklynnnnnn. But Brooklyn Boulders! lets keep an eye out for a groupon deal.

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