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These next few months are going to be quite crazy, in a wonderful way. 

Between two weddings (which comes with bachelorette parties and bridal showers), road races and charity walks, birthday and graduation celebrations, music/food festivals, hosting a BBQ (wanna come?), and a trip up to Acadia National Park, I feel as though it’ll be the middle of July before I know it.

This past weekend began the beginning of planned weekends. And while it felt pretty low-key, once I wrote everything down (and the fact I fell asleep at 8pm on Monday?) I began to think otherwise. Friday was filled with walking the Brooklyn Bridge w/ my Greatist loves, Ethiopian food with an old friend, and good beer over great conversation with a new one. Saturday, I miraculously slept till 11 am (!!!!!), snuck in  a 5-mile, hot, dehydrated run, walked through the farmer’s market, enjoyed huevos racheros with Danielle, participated in a boozy scavenger hunt in Manhattan, and went to a roof-top goodbye party in Bushwick. Sunday called for a trip out to Long Island for Mother’s day, hard chilling on the back porch, quality family + cat time, a 6-mile hilly run, and steak and grilled vegetables before driving home and hitting miserable, mysterious traffic.



After the traffic, I rewarded myself with a seltzer for my undying patience.

And while the weekend was awesome, when I came home things felt…unbalanced. I realized I left my sunglasses on LI, my backpack (where I carry everrrything) finally broke (or I ripped it open since the zipper was stuck..whaatever), I stared at my laundry that NEEDS to be put away (but somehow wont on its own?), and saw that a huge bag of flax seed spilled…everywhere.

The seeds were too much.

So rather than writing this post or finishing up weekend work or re-reading this amazing story, I prayed the half glass of red wine I stomached earlier would be enough to put me in force-sleep mode so I could fast forward to Monday. Breathe, Laur, breathe!

And here we are!/ …. were! (It’s taken me forever to finish this post, obviously.)

PS – This text message was the highlight of my weekend. Twas the aftermath of the scavenger hunt on Saturday. I’m so sorry Laura, I love (and loved!) you too…

About Laura

marketing director at Possible. formerly at Greatist. Still running, finding zen, and searching for the perfect bloody mary.

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  1. Love the photos! So artsy…and Brooklynish.

  2. I feel JUDGED! 😉 But pleased that at least I could make you laugh.

  3. I so long to go to Acadia. Enjoy your awesome busy-ness 🙂

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