summer to-do’s

Aright. It’s June, it’s hot, I already have weird tan lines…it’s basically summer. And oddly enough, this is my first REAL summer in NYC. The past few summer’s I’ve been in and out of the grid, crashing with friends and family. But now it’s time to put this city to the real test, apartment and all, to see what I think.

To start it off, here are a “few” things I want to do:


Summerscreen in McCarren Park — starting in July, movies are played every Wednesday at sundown in McCarren Park. I can’t wait for Princess Bride and a beer.
Outdoor Yoga in the Sculpture Park — my new pal who works at a restaurant I frequent recently told me about this yoga class in Long Island City. It’s on the water, it’s outdoors, and it’s free! I gotta go.

Jazz Fest on Governers Island — a 1920’s themed jazz lawn party. Ohmy yes please. 
Paulie G’s pizza 
— best pizza in greenpoint/NYC… or most unique at least.  I want a big one with kale, mushrooms, and sausage please.
Noorman’s Kill 
— grilled cheese and whiskey may seem like a winter thing, but give me a rainy day and I’m there.
Nitehawk Cinema 
ok, guess this is another rainy day option. But they have a full bar and awesome menu, so the point is you spend a little less on the movie ticket and drop all your bills on a cocktail and small plate.
Biergartens/Rooftops — this is more general, but I want to check out both new and old biergartens (outdoor ones!) along with sticking to rooftop bars. No need to be inside in the summer…
Neighborhood Hopping — I want to make sure I take advantage of the warmer weather (that I may or may not particularly enjoy) and be able to do what I love the most: walking around and exploring different places.


New York Backpacking Club — I definitely want to join one of the backpacking meetups for a day or weekend trip somewhere. It’d be a great escape from the city, plus a fun way to meet new people (ie hot mountain men).
Acadia National Park — nic and I have a weekend set for a trip up to Maine to check this park out. She’s been to almost all the national parks in the U.S. and I’m a ways behind her. But neither of us have been here so we’re gonna grab a tent and head up! Plus, we’re overdue for some hiking together.
SkydiveI purchased a skydiving groupon out on eastern Long Island, so I have to go before October. But I want to go SOON because I can’t wait/am totally stoked/completely terrified…

Hood to Coast — this one is hands down the best end to any summer. I am so stoked to go out to the pacific NW, run with Nuun, and meet everyone and make awesome friends. I just met with Nuun’s CEO, Mason Raey, who is incredibly nice and awesome and made me even moooore excited! (If that’s possible..)


Up my mileage — this one may be a bit tricky but I’d love to be running 40+ miles a week. It’s totally doable (5-7 miles during the week, one longer run on the weekends) except the fact that I want to also keep lifting, yoga’ing, and getting back on the track for speed. Unfortunately, there are not enough days in the week to do this all, so something’s gotta give. But I really…really miss logging in the miles.
Tattoo — i know what I’m getting and where it’s going, I just need to do it. Well, first I need to save up some money and stop spending it on stupid things and then, get it. Stay tuned!
Cook more — most of my stupid purchases include food that I can cook for myself. I just don’t spend that much time in my apartment during the week and get sucked into the $8 salads in Manhattan. (They add up!) Hopefully when I move I will look forward to coming home to a bigger, better kitchen/haus.
Move — speaking of which, I have to move in August. I’m more than stoked, I just hope Al and I find a reasonable place in a perfect location (south Williamsburg maybe, farther north in Greenpoint, or east toward Graham.) Fingers crossed.

About Laura

marketing director at Possible. formerly at Greatist. Still running, finding zen, and searching for the perfect bloody mary.

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  1. looks like a packed summer for you!!!
    looking forward to meeting you in August!

  2. I’ve been to the yoga at the sculpture park! Its close to me and you should definitely go! Let me know and I will be there 🙂

  3. I have long wished to visit Acadia! After seeing the Ken Burns National Parks documentary, I really, really, really want to go! Hope you have a wonderful time there 🙂 And HTC! Yes! It will be such a blast 🙂 Hope the heat and humidity are kind to you and you have an amazing summer filled with all of those fun things on your list 🙂

  4. Tell me more about this tattoo please!!!!!!

    Also I will most likely be asking you to run a long run with me every weekend so I can get faster….be prepared for those emails where I pester you!

  5. PS – count me in for all the adventure stuff. And Paulie G’s Pizza….I will be gluten non-free for one day.

  6. Count me in for:
    -Jazz Age (either June 17 or one of the August ones)
    -Paulie G’s
    -Backpacking club
    -and now maybe HTC??? I am trying to work out details 🙂

  7. cansathefan4

    YES! count me in for majority of those thangs. 🙂 /outdoor movie nights sound faaaan.

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