afterNuun (noon) delight

Finally, Nuun HTC teams were announced! I can’t believe how time is flying…I’ll be stepping on a plane to Seattle before I know it! AHHH.

All the teams seem awesome, but I am especially excited about the team I’m on. (Because it would be really weird to say otherwise, no?) I’m SUPER stoked that Jocelyn is on my team (I hope she doesn’t get sick of me..good luck) and that we’re in Van 1…the van that starts right in the mountains!! My legs seem great, too: The first leg is an easy 3.93 miles, then a hilly 7.25 miles before closing with 5.79 miles of rolling hills.

So here’s Team Noon: AfterNuun Delight.  Drink up, see everyone kinda soon! 

Van 1

Kelly – According to Kelly 

Laura – Nuun Employee

Laura– Camping Out In America 

Jocelyn – Enthusiastic Runner

Sarah – Once Upon a (L)ime

Molly – Mollyberries’ Hodge Podge

Van 2

Tonia – Racing With Babes 

Kim – Nuun Employee

Tiffany – Heavy Medal

Zoe – Nuun Employee

Jessica – Pace of Me

Lindsay – Lindsay On The Go

About Laura

marketing director at Possible. formerly at Greatist. Still running, finding zen, and searching for the perfect bloody mary.

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  1. Wahoo!!!! Can’t Freaking Wait.

  2. cansathefan4

    so friggin cool. wait when do you leave again??

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