maine, 2

I left off at the mention of the sunrise. Man.

It was probably one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever experienced, no joke. We left at 4:15 to drive to (and up!) Cadillac Mountain to see the sun right as it poked out from the horizon. It was probably 40 degrees out, so we grabbed a sleeping bag and sweatshirts, and huddled on the rocks looking out into pure, pure beauty.

 When we left, we were in dire need of coffee. (We look zzzz.) At first, we decided to “treat” ourselves to some from a bakery, but it wasn’t even 6am, and nothing would be open. We figured we should boil our own water and use the coffee grounds we purchased, but realized our one pot still had leftover pasta in it from the night before. (We didn’t wash it out because we accidentally fell asleep super early, remember?). Luckily, and in quite Nicole and Laura fashion, we found a pot and two mugs on the side of the road for the taking. (Long story.) We headed back to camp, and decided to, once again, take a nap before getting our caffeine fill. Sensing a theme here? Next thing we knew, we had passed out for three hours, but this time were totalllly ready to take on the day, which was a filled one!

After finally drinking coffee, and showering at a convenience store down the street (don’t worry about it), we headed to the other side of the island and hiked up Beehive Mountain, a scramble up rocks that included a lot of metal rungs. It was awesome. Then we met up with Nicole’s friend Genny and hard-chilled at the ocean, and went on a walk down the coast to see some spectacular sites.  


After a day of hiking and swimming, we enjoyed popovers and cappuccinos out on a beautiful lawn overlooking the water, and then drove into Bar Harbor to explore the local tourist town. After some window shopping, we headed back to our lil campsite, made a fire for REAL this time, and were happily asleep soon after the sunset. 


And for your enjoyment, another video. This one is from the top of Beehive Mountain. Enjoy the view! And sorry that I turned the camera, you have to look sideways :/ 

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marketing director at Possible. formerly at Greatist. Still running, finding zen, and searching for the perfect bloody mary.

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  1. Been there done that!! Camped at seawall with our pop up, climbed Cadilac Mt(uncle Richard failed to tell me you could drive up it!) showered at the convenience store, hung out at the seawall, kayaked in the harbor, biked and walked the trails, ate lobster and drank wine. Need to go back. Aunt Barbara!

    • aww, thats awesome! Yes, you can drive up Cadillac (the only reason we made it in time!) although we did pass a lot of bikers. We also saw the exit for Wells on the way up, but had to keep truckin’ in order to secure a campsite. next time!!!

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