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As a runner, I’ve never owned much by the way of gear. Getting an iPhone and using RunKeeper was as far as I went, although the bulky armband got the best of me and I reverted back to my purple watch with weird squiggles on it, from Santa Claus, circa 2008.

(It tells the time and occasionally how long I’ve run)

I realized with my marathon coming up I needed to make some technical decisions. I probably want to know my pace/mileage/time/whatever during the race. (Especially so I don’t end up like this guy.) I also want to listen to music at some point, too. But taking my phone was not an option, considering I usually want to throw it off my arm three miles in, and I would probably die on me half-way through.

So, I made some rash-but-actually-pretty-normal-runners-decisions. Firstly, I needed a Garmin. I held off for so long because they usually are supppeeerr expensive, but then it was brought to my attention that a new, more affordable option just hit the market:

MANY thanks to my speeedy Running Sherpa Sarah over in SoCal. (westcoastbestcoast!) I looked up the forerunner ala her suggestion, read some reviews, crunched some numbers, and ordered it online. BAM.

To solve the music sitch, I decided to get an iPod shuffle, so I could clip the little thing on my shorts and (hopefully) barely even feel it. Easy decision, easy purchase. 

I had a chance to use the iPod shuffle during a track workout yesterday, and decided that having music while running laps and wanting to shoot yourself in the shin is really, really helpful. I did 2 sets of 1200-1000-800-400, and was proud of my first set and disappointed in my second. I’m still not really sure what pace I should be running at for speed stuff, and go back and forth from thinking I’m too ambitious to too reserved. Plus, it’s reallllly hard doing workouts alone. (Danielle, wake up early and kick my butt on the track, pls.) In any case, I sorta wanted to vom after, so at least I know I was pushing myself…?

I’m excited to try out the Garmin/iPod mix during the Cow Harbor 10K tomorrow in Northport, my hometown. It’s the largest race on Long Island and I’ve actually never run it. (I was that kid who had to be in the marching band parade instead.) I learned that Meggie has run it before, so I offered up my parents house (thanks ma!) for us to stay at with Jocelyn. And even though I’ve never done the race, I have run the course before — it’s prettttyy hilly — so I’m excited to push myself a bit and see if/how my lil gadgets help me out along the way.

After that, it’s a 20-22 mile “rehearsal” run on Sunday. The only piece to this “gear” puzzle I have yet to solve is where to hold fuel. I hate hate having “things” on me, so I’m afraid a fuel-belt will just be super annoying. I’ve held a Gu in my sports bra before (not ideal) but know I will need more than one during the marathon. Should I pin one on my shorts? Somehow tie it in my hair (actually kind of serious?) or make my dad be waiting with a grocery bag of sugary goods at mile 18 for me to chomp away at? HELP! Any DIY ideas would be highly appreciated…

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  1. I want that Garmin 10!! I’ve heard great things about it. Good luck on your race!!

  2. If you pin to shorts, practice first for sure to rule out chafing! I’m remembering the days when Gu was pretty rare…and running a marathon with just water at the aid stations was the norm. I’ve also used dates wrapped in saran wrap tucked into my shorts pocket. Have a great race this weekend!

    • haha i wish those were still the days! sometimes I feel like i haave to fuel in order to run stronger, but I’m not sure if that’s my body or mind telling me that. Dates are SUCH a great idea, i will definitely try that out 🙂

  3. Convincing other people to spend money is one of my greatest life skills. On that note, I use a Nathan handheld 22oz bottle – kind of annoying but the pocket in front can hold a phone or like 4 gels, and I’d rather cargo carry one thing than have shit in my shorts, bra, otherhand, taped to my headband, and everywhere else. Esp if that thing means I don’t have to do the drink-all-over-your-face paper cup dance. Good luck this weekend!

  4. i use my i fitness belt and it has tabs to hold my gu’s. i’ve pinned mine on my skirt before and it works okay-just kinda hard to get them unpinned and opened while running. and they tend to move a lot when you are running. i also have lululemon skirts/shorts that have pockets for that stuff too. hope the race went well!

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