108 things

I stumbled upon this post by Lauren about 108 things she happened to be loving at the moment. She was introduced to the idea by Hally Marino , and I thought it would be a cool thing to do, too.

It was interesting. At first, I sat at my desk and stared at the screen. 108 things I love? I couldn’t name four. I sat in stubborn silence while I wondered why I was such a life-hater, and then the words came. It was an ebb and a flow, really: Things came to me, and continued, and then stopped. And I would sit again, and wait. Take a shower. Try to remember the 17 things I happened to love in the shower. And then scramble to write them down while dripping wet.

Anyhow, I made it. And could’ve kept going. But I stopped at the 108.

108 things I am loving

1. Cooler temps. Hello autumn!
2. Morning cup of coffee
3. Late night pumpkin-chai
4. Writing in my Believe I Am Journal
5. Sitting on the M train on my way home from work and usually falling asleep
6. “The woods are lonely, dark, and deep. But I have promises to keep. And miles to go before I sleep.”
7. Honey nut cheerios with frozen banana and soy milk
8. Slow songs on my running playlist
9. Kimbra, and specifically “Cameo Lover,” on my running playlist
10. This poem
11. Having folded clothes in my drawers.
12. Clean sheets
13. Confidence
14. Sweet potatoes
15. Looking forward to going to work every morning
16. freecabinporn.com (not real porn)
17. Seeing 7:15 pace on my Garmin
18. Runners on twitter. You da best
19. Wool sock season…
20. Wearing giant sweatshirts to bed. No pants
21. Talking to “pretty famous” people at work who actually understand Greatist and think it’s amazing
22. Being 24. It’s sort of my lucky number (249 is, but I wont ever live till then, I think)
23. Never ever wearing the pencil skirt I found in the back of my closet
24. Running over the Williamsburg bridge and feeling like I’m flying
25. Running around the “Welcome to Manhattan” sign 30 meters from the bridge just to feel like I officially ran to another borough.
26. Sufjan Stevens. And his Christmas sing-a-long we’re going to. Come!
27. Almond butter. And a fork
28. Salted pistachios
29. Salted chocolate
30. Looking back at this year and realizing how amazing it really was
31. Being single and not worrying about anyone but myself
32. Hot toddy’s
33. “I got soul but I’m not a soldier.”
34. Remembering that my body let me run a MARATHON
35. Sonic the Hedgehog
36. Hot yoga. Warrior III, specifically
37. Kombucha
38. Realizing I haven’t been “out” on a Friday/Sat night in forever and being very happy about it
39. Roasted cauliflower
40. Dinner with Danielle at Bliss Bar on Bedford avenue. The have huge plates of veggies and goodness, for cheap!
41. Buying dish soap and toilet paper and checks and cutting boards and still never ever feeling like an adult
42. Knowing my favorite holiday is a little over a month away!
43. Inbox Zero
44. This song
45. “I mused for a few moments on the question of which was worse, to lead a life so boring you are easily enchanted, or a life so full of stimulus that you are easily bored.”
46. Not having TV and not knowing what Honey Boo Boo or Homeland is.
47. Tweeting with my best friend from Nigeria and realizing how connected the world can be
48. This photo:
49. Beards
50. Hopefully going on a vacation by myself
51. Huge plaid shirts
52. Thinking about my new tattoo
53. Knowing I haven’t gone clothes shopping in months and shoe shopping in years
54. Feeling strong
55. Recognizing the same people at McCarren track every morning
56. My endorphin warrior bracelet that says Breathe. It really calms me down
57. Soup fo’ lunch
58. This new lotion that lets me get away without showering
59. Scarves
60. Realizing I dropped a $20 bill and knowing how someone else will find it and it will make their day
61. Going for runs at 7am in the pouring rain..cause why not?
62. Greatist. Just..everything about it
63. When an airplane’s wheels touch the ground and I realize I’ve survived another flight
64. Wearing hats when I run to keep the sweat out of my eyes
65. Chugging water
66. City hope: Manhattan streets, I follow you. On every sidewalk, looking for deserted roads stripped of speed that’ll slow us down the street was the home that’s now a house, when these things change I don’t know that I spend mornings scanning bodies for certain shirts and shoulders, below buildings we bend to evade the subtle moves of this dear city, I hope you fill every need for every body, sitting on opposite sides of the smallest place your hands by your chest — you’ll never know of strong, long love. So they climbed north. The sounds and songs of skyscrapers soft and small, embracing out of hollowness of dense city streets, a fleeting moment too perfect for words so there’s silence instead. Breath swallowed by urban rhythms moving masses in different directions. And as streets continue to collide and create a canvas of city hope, we are safe at last.- ls
67. Anything Dave Eggers writes
68. Peacho’s for long car rides
69. Mud truck coffee with milk and sugar
70. When 10 mile runs are no longer “long runs”
71. Realizing in the last past year even though I’ve lived in one place I’ve gone to: New Hampshire, Florida, Vermont, Maine, Boston, Oregon, and Washington
72. A journey without a goal
73. Very strong whiskey cocktails when on dates
74. Using my Tiger Tail to get out alll the knotsssssssss
75. Mile repeats. I am a masochist
76. Black bears
77. Jocelyn’s Chicago Marathon recap.  She was totally #gowiththeflow
79. Being extremely independent and knowingly stubborn and totally OK with it
80. This 4×800 States picture circa 2006. Classic

81. This awesome article on Neil Young in the Times Magazine
82. Taking an extra walk around my block to finish listening to a song before I go inside
83. Beyond Sushi
84. Having exact change when I’m buying something
85. Flipping my calendar always halfway though the month…
86. Long lists (one would hope)
87. Tahini dressing
88. Seeing someone give up their seat on the subway
89. Baking with butter. Preferably banana and/or pumpkin bread
90. Deciding I am going to be an “adult” and send out Christmas cards this year (don’t hold me to this)
91. Red wine
92. WordPress app on my phone. It’s genius
93. Realizing how much I love writing on my blog and how it’s made me a better writer and thinker
94. Nicole’s paintings
95. Hanging out with everyone at the office between 9:30 and 10am
96. Eating m&m’s out of the trail mix
97. What if money was no object? [watch it]
98. Dropping my iPhone FACE down on the ground with no scratch left behind
99. Purchasing two pairs of pants, two sweaters, and a bag for less than $100 (disregard that above entry on not going clothes shopping…)
100. Eating leftovers two hours after eating dinner
101. My parents
102. Cracking open a can of seltzer
103. The NYT’s Set Puzzle
104. Talking to other friends who also hate Halloween and will stay inside with me
105. Snacks for dinner
106. Goblet squats
107. The sound of my alarm. I hate sleeping. Is that weird?

108. Myself

About Laura

marketing director at Possible. formerly at Greatist. Still running, finding zen, and searching for the perfect bloody mary.

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  1. I thank God for you every day, but especially, right at this moment. You are such a blessing – I love you!

  2. LOVE your list. I’m doing one this weekend. for my birthday-it’s already in the works. 🙂 i can’t believe you hate sleeping!?!? and actually glad you went shopping. sadly, it makes me happy to shop… and everyone loves kombucha-i think i need to try it.

  3. Great list! Except mile repeats…really???

    Loved the video “What if money was no object?”

    • hahah yeah, i think I like them because I only do 3-4 repeats, so it works mentally. Aaand I never count the first and last repeat in my head? (The first one usually feels good and the last is like “fuck it, after this it’s over!)

  4. Count me in for Sufjan Stevens! I put a reminder on my calendar to buy tix tomorrow.

  5. this is the best. all the reasons i love you!!!

  6. I am seriously going to try and do this. I love it how I made it on the list too!! #tearjerker

  7. No way, cabinporn is sick! Subscribed! And I like the idea of a 108-great-things list.

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