on taking flight

I woke up Thursday morning with a plan to run 10 miles. The night before I was excited, looking forward to it, ready. I had taken it easy the day before, only running two miles and sticking to strength stuff. My legs were fresh and I wanted to bang out 10 good ones before getting on with my day.

And then I woke up and absolutely did not want to run. I was not having my 6am alarm. I was not having the whole “it’s dark outside” thing. My feet were cold. I was really, really tired.

I got up. Stumbled to put on the hot water. Went to the New York Times. Checked my email, sipped my coffee. I was now dreading the run, trying to figure out if it was raining, wondering if my Garmin was charged, or if I even had a clean sports bra. And then I realized – Laur – you don’t have to run. If you don’t feel like running, just go back to bed.

One of my initial goals when I started writing in my BIA training journal was to stop being so hard on myself. I quickly get excited about a lot of things and make grandiose plans in my mind; since I don’t have a running coach, or any real set schedule, I kind of make up workouts in my mind the night before and try to stick to them. (For ie, why I wanted to run ten miles instead of seven or eight, I have no clue.)  Some people need others to stay accountable, yet I think my strictest coach is myself. (Where’s the #gowiththeflow Joc, Molly, Corey ?!) 

 So rather than running, I wrote. I wrote in my journal what I was feeling, and why I didn’t want to run, and explaining why it was totally fine — that I could run tomorrow if my head was in it, if my heart was in it. I took a peek at my journal to see what my training had been that week (I have never logged my workout schedule, so this was the first time I was seeing it all on paper) and could muse why I was feeling shot. Since peak training for Wineglass, I had fallen off the strength training train. I went back on it this week, but hadn’t realized I lifted three times in six days. Was that the culprit for my tired body and worn out head? Maybe. Who knows. Either way, I took off Thursday and enjoyed the rest. I told myself if I woke up on Friday and felt up to it, I’d try again.

On Thursday night I got a record of 9 1/2 hours of sleep, and when my alarm went off, I felt like my normal self. I jumped out of bed, did the whole coffee thing, had a small breakfast, and most importantly, was looking forward to running. I told myself I’d head over the bridge and go down the East Side Highway. If I felt great, I’d go five miles before turning around. If I wasn’t, I’d turn around whenever I felt like it. No big.

Luckily, and most likely because I had taken the prior day off, I felt wonderful. I was running slightly under sub 8 pace, which felt really comfortable. I ran over the Williamsburg bridge, downtown, through South Street Seaport, and to South Ferry. That was about five miles. I said hello to all the Staten Island commuters, and headed back. By mile seven, I was getting a bit tired at the pace I was at, but told myself, “self! Pushing a bit now will only make you stronger.” “It’s OK to go outside your comfort zone.” (Another goal I had made.) I was FULL of mantras at this point, but my favorite was probably, “You can slow down in a little bit. Just not right now.”

Long story not-too-short, I finished the 10 miles with an avg 7:59 pace, felt strong, and loved pretty much every step I took. As I wrote in my journal, “I ran this morning because I wanted to and my heart was in it.”


So thank you Believe I Am for reminding me it’s okay to slow down, that rest is so important, and if I don’t feel like running, I absolutely do not need to. I should just listen to my body and my head.

And when I am willing, I will take flight. 

About Laura

marketing director at Possible. formerly at Greatist. Still running, finding zen, and searching for the perfect bloody mary.

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  1. I knew there was a reason I made you my Cow Harbor running sherpa.

    Love this post. It reminds me to go with the flow more often than being a slave to my schedule, which this type-A frequently does. Going to write a little reminder to myself in my journal to do that.

  2. Loved this. I’m a big believer in the power of journaling….I use my runner’s journal for this all the time…especially when I’m in serious training. Such a tool for reflection and growth in our training.

    • this is new to me (for running) and it’s already been fantastic. It really is awesome to see all your hard work on paper…makes everything seem more tangible/real!

  3. Hello fellow BIA journalist! Glad to hear the journal is working out for you! It is definitely nice having a record of workouts for exactly your experience, figuring out why you might be having an ‘off’ feeling day.

    Can’t wait to see how you progress over the next few months! #sistersinsport

  4. how many races/months does the journal hold? yall have all been talking about it and now i NEED one 🙂 guessing still no luck with the race this weekend? train? i’ll pay for your room? yes, yes? :):) and you fish too?

    • i will double check when I get home but I know there is A LOT of space in there for races/calendars. and yea..no luck on the race 😦 So sad.

      aaand I do fish. Kind of. You should teach me your ways!

  5. 9 1/2 hours of sleep? And 10 miles at 7:59 pace? Teach me your ways.

  6. So, if I wasn’t convinced before, now I am REALLY convinced. I NEED one of these journals 🙂

    • they really are awesome! And that way you can write down all those more-than-well-deserved rest days after your 70.3!!!

  7. I found you through Runninghood, and I’m sad I haven’t been reading your blog sooner. I love all of the self-talk you write about. I have a whole lot of that happening on early mornings and especially during runs. Sometimes I even call myself “baby” and I can’t help it. It’s super weird and I wish I could stop. “Baby, don’t stop! You got this!” Not sure why there is a creepy old man living in my head. Anyway, LOVE the blog!

    • Hahhah best comment ever. Personally, I am a fan of using the word “darling”…aka “Darlin’, you got this!”

      Are these the things we’re supposed to keep in our heads? 🙂

      Anyways, thank you SO much for the kind words about the blog, and I cannot wait to explore yours!

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