believe i am update II

Here is another update about my running journal aaand journey with Believe I Am — which I have found to be super helpful during these last few months. (Read more on why I’m doing it, my first goals update, and how journaling helped me take flight.)

Here are the initial goals I set, and how the heck I’m doing with them…

Gain back my speed. I had basically abandoned speed work when I took off during November (obviously…) but I tested out my speed the other day on the track to see if focusing on strength/yoga magically fostered some speed inside of me. And lo and behold — 200 meter repeats were not a disaster. In fact, I’m pretty much where I was before, if not a tiiiiny bit faster. Do I truly believe doing yoga over and over and over somehow unveiled the old sprinter in me? Not totally, but I think I went into the workout with more focus, and an understanding that it would feel hard…. but I had to push through it.


Move outside my comfort zone. In other words, I pushed myself out of my comfort zone. I am getting better at this as I realize some of the “numbers” goals I’ve set for myself are not as daring as they could be. Jocelyn told me I could run a 3:10 marathon (she also has a very interesting imagination). But maybe my initial goal of sub 3:40 wasn’t enough, and perhaps BQing isn’t as crazy as it sounds. Maybe sub 3:30 is where I should be. Maybe 7:30’s on the roads should be my “normal” pace. I’m trying to figure that out, and having a coach help me train for Eugene in the spring will really help me learn where my potentially truly lies.

Stop being so hard on myself. Again, this one will always be the hardest, but I’m working on it. I work up yesterday, and for whatever reason, felt frustrated. I was bitter that my morning run routine was “taken away” from me for so long, and that I didn’t want to feel slow, and I wanted to just go out there and run how I used to run. I flew out the door and tried to run that frustration to the ground— doing a loop around East Williamsburg up to North Greenpoint, the the two east river ferry’s, and back to the track. Yet when I looked at my watch, I saw I was running 8:10 splits, even though I felt like I was running 7:10. (I guess that’s what taking off a month will do to you.) I told myself to calm the heck down, to turn off my watch, and just go by feel. I came home and reminded myself that I need to build back to where I was sloooowly, and that I have months before another marathon knocks at my door.

There is time.

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  1. My problem: I never set a goal too high because I am afraid of not reaching it. Self-confidence is the beginning and goes a long way! In 2013, I need to have faith in my abilities and that I can train hard and work toward a more “out of my comfort zone” goal. I have full faith you can run a sub 3:30 and I look forward to following your training!

    • failing to reach a goal is deeeefinitely scary! Although I just have to keep reminding myself that I do this for fun, and a 3:30 or a 4:30 marathon doesn’t actually matter in the long run (although a 3:30 would be quite lovely!) We shall go on fast “uncomfortable” runs together and start crushing goals next year! (:

  2. I’ve had back to back injuries and havent been able to run in months, I know I’m going to be waayyy slower than I was before when I am finally able to start again. In the meantime I’ve been doing lots of yoga and strength training, so at least my body will physically be able to handle running again.

    And even if you are running ~8min mi, you are still way faster than me at my fastest (~9min/mi). Good luck with your training! I love my BIA journal too 🙂

  3. You’re running Eugene? I’ve heard really good things about that race! And yes, I have the same problem with being too hard on myself. I have to leave my watch at home pretty frequently and just run…

  4. dude — think of it this way…if I ran 3:42 and you PACED ME TO MY 10K PR NO SWEAT, then like 3:35, 3:30, etc is yours for the taking. with marathons, ive kind of developed this strategy to shoot for a really big goal to motivate me in training and then when it comes time for the actual thing, you have a goal where that reach goal is your top end, but the main goal range is now very achievable…at least, thats what i did for richmond and it made me very happy.

    team flying v track workouts in 2013. get ready.

  5. Yes, I very much agree with the move out of your comfort zone idea. I can tell you that I used to put these limits on myself without knowing it. What I was really doing was giving myself an easy way out. When I started making my goals bigger, and not putting any limits on how fast I could get, I got much faster.
    You have a perfect plan of using December to SLOWLY get back to where you were! You can do this!!

  6. i DEFINITELY think you have it in you! and, in just a few short weeks-having a coach has helped a ton. i realized i was selling myself short and not pushing enough. I was just “comfortable” with what I was doing. It’s also nice having someone telling me what do rather than trying to figure it all out on my own.

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