marathon training: week 6

42 miles in one week is tiring.

For some runners I know this isn’t an incredible load, but I’ve never been an endurance junky. And getting close to 50 miles/week of running was a challenge, especially since I’m getting roughly six hours of sleep a night (no bueno) and I ate my weight in chocolate this week. Haaaappy Valentine’s Day.

Still, I hit every workout and for the most part felt good. And no falling on ice! Win!

Monday: optional rest or yoga.
I chose rest. I really, really, really miss yoga, but my inner left heel was oddly hurting me and I didn’t want to put any unneeded pressure on it. It still hurts when I step on it in a funky way, so I’m just icing, rolling, and keeping an eye on it. Eek.

Tuesday: 5 miles, core
Honestly I don’t remember this run. It was probably fine. However I do remember going to a Mumford and Sons concert that night as a surprise for Jordan, since her BF Colin was away for Valentine’s Day. I was the substitute Valentine. It was awesome. And she was so excited!

 jordan is excited

Wednesday: 5 miles, 6 x strides, kettlebell workout
This run was pretty good, though I instagrammed my frustrations when I noticed how crazy my splits were. The roads and bridge were still pretty icy and I literally had to force myself into a jog pace to avoid cracking my head open. Saaafety first? I’m finding though, that my favorite parts of my runs are when I start and finish at the track — it’s pretty empty in the morning, especially since it’s still very chilly out there. It feels so peaceful having the whole track to myself while I sprint around in circles. Even when training for a marathon, shorter distances will always be my true love.


Later that evening, Greatist headed to the UES for a KettleX class with Lorna Kleidman, three-time world kettlebell champion (nbd). I haven’t really lifted in awhile, so the pretty intense strength work was a wakeup call. We did a bunch of kettlebell exercises, from presses to swings to figure eights to rows. My shoulders are still slightly killing me. (ps, check out my greatist friends…so strong!)

Thursday: 8 miles 6 x 200
These eight miles went surprisingly well, given that I thought I’d be pretty tired after a full day of workouts. I ran over to the east river, and at one point noticed a pack of three runners in front of me. I have this bad habit of automatically trying to “reel people in” — a tactic I learned in high school cross country — and after passing them and turning around, saw I clocked in mile four at 7min/pace. Yikes. I slowed back down over the bridge (naturally, damn hill) and headed to the track for some more peaceful and awesome speedwork. 

Friday: 5 miles, core
This run was the BEST because my lovely friend and co-worker LC came with me! We took a break around 2pm and ran over on the west side highway. As I’m sure every NYC runner knows, Friday was also around 50 degrees, which meant shorts weather and the first signs of spring. It was so lovely.

Saturday: 16 miles
Oh long run. Despite my legs feeling good this week, my body in general felt pretty exhausted from lack of sleep. I managed to get to bed around 10pm on Friday night and was up by 8am — but still felt super tired. The first eight miles were a huge, mental struggle. I pretty much was a head case and convinced myself I was going to stop after every mile. However, once I hit that halfway point, I took in some kCals and felt a bit better. The last eight miles felt way better than the first, which is what makes long runs so interesting: There’s so much time for mixed emotions, so much time to feel shitty then great then shitty again. Long story not so short, I got through it, and just need to keep reminding myself that these weekly long runs will only make me stronger and more comfortable with higher mileage.

Sunday: 3 miles recovery
This was a windy nightmare. The run itself was fine but I was literally running against freezing gusts. Thank goodness it was short.

And now I take a nap (:

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marketing director at Possible. formerly at Greatist. Still running, finding zen, and searching for the perfect bloody mary.

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  1. Phew busy week!!! I’ve been wanting to try the kettlebell class offered at my gym, just need to figure out how to fit it in my every changing schedule as a student! Good job on getting your workouts completed!

  2. Wow, 42 miles is a heavy week! I’m just getting ready to start training for marathon #3 and for the first time I’m going to start doing some speed work, I’d love to PR both my half and full this year!

    • speed work = awesome and my favorite. which marathon are you training for ?!

      • Ugh, I wish I loved speed work! I am going to do the Long Island Marathon in May, nothing big or fancy, but since so far my only marathons are Disney I feel like I don’t have an accurate time since I stop and take pictures with characters! Just wanted to do something inexpensive and local to get a “real” marathon time!

      • ohhh fun! I didn’t even know Long Island had its own marathon. (I’m a bad Long Islander.) where does the course go?

      • I didn’t know either until I found it searching for races a few weeks ago! It takes place around Nassau Coliseum and the Eisenhower Park area.

  3. Training like a machine. Definitely give yourself those rest periods…especially if something’s hurting! Sounds like a good week 🙂

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