31 things you don’t know

about me:

1. Ziggy Palffy was my first crush. I even named my hermit crab after him.

2. I tried every sport growing up. I even took tennis lessons and went to golf camp. I regularly played basketball and soccer from my toddler years till High School.

3. I was petrified of thunderstorms and getting kidnapped as a kid. This led to a lot of sleepovers on my parents’ floor (sorry about that).

4. My lucky number is 249. Not sure why.

5. I write righty but do most other things lefty.

6. When I need to clock out completely, I arrange music on Finale. It’s my secret hobby that lets me use a different part of my brain for a few hours.

7. I know how to taiko drum. (Sup liberal arts colllleeege!)

8. My dream is to travel around the world and write a book about people’s morning routines. And I will do it one day.

9. The joints in my ring and pinky finger are messed up – I can’t move one without the other.

10. Many moons ago, I sang at a church service in the Vatican. 

11. I don’t have a burning desire to travel in Europe. 

12. I’ve (seriously) dated five guys in my lifetime, and four of them played the trumpet (like me). Note to self? Stop dating trumpet players.  

13. I flew to San Francisco to meet four strangers/band members, and toured and performed with them across the country for four months.

14. I don’t really like watching movies and I sometimes skip paragraphs when reading novels.

15. I know how to speak Twi better than Spanish.

16. Hockey is my favorite sport to watch on television. Followed by basketball.

17. I am not allergic to a single thing. Got pricked with 80,000 different types of dust/dirt/foods/grass to prove it.

18. I have exercise induced asthma which can make running in extreme temperatures or dry spaces very difficult. (“Breathtaking,” if you will.)

19. I really wish I could paint and be better at photography. And maybe pilates. Basically want to get better at things that start with “p.”

20. Core work is my biggest struggle. I hate the burn. And I hate abs.

21. I have a fake tooth. (One of the canines!)

22. Winter used to be my favorite season until this year.

23. I’ve been running since I was 14 but have only felt my body/mind change after lifting and doing yoga more regularly as of 2011.

24. I hate even and repeating numbers. (# 22 is the worst.)

25. I used to hate water and never drank it during HS track/xc country. I think I was perpetually dehydrated.

26. I can’t swim well. 

27. My first real-person job out of college was at the Smithsonian African Art Museum.

28. I spend probably 80 percent of my day listening to music. Sometimes I think this is a bad habit.

29. I dislike text message conversations. I’d rather just talk to the person on the phone.

30. I can picture myself having kids way more than I can being married.

31.  If I could eat steak and carrot cake every night  for dinner and dessert, I would. 

About Laura

marketing director at Possible. formerly at Greatist. Still running, finding zen, and searching for the perfect bloody mary.

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  1. I know you pretty well! Let’s see where you surprised me: #6 – not familiar with Finale, #8 Book about Morning Routines (altho I know you’re intrigued with your morning routine :), #9 Finger Movement Problem – I did not know this and does this interfere with trumpeting? #12 Speaking of trumpeting & the 4 out of 5 boys who played it (you know I like this fact) I can only think of three: S,I & T. Were you in “loom” with someone I didn’t know about?!

  2. 22. Winter used to be my favorite season until this year.

    Ditto. Though I’m sure I’ll change my mind come summer.

  3. This was such a fun post! I LOVE the idea of a book on people’s morning routines, I actually bet it would be really interesting. And yeah for watching hockey! : )

  4. I also can picture myself more having kids than being married but maybe thats because I spend way too much time naming my future children.

  5. Of all the rando things you mentioned, you and I both have exercise induced asthma! Power to the inhalers! lol. But I do have some environmental allergies which can aggravate my asthma slightly. Like animal dander (mostly cats), not so much with my dog.

    If I could live off fruits and sweets (technically I could, but would NOT be healthy), I would!

  6. i think we are related. i suck at swimming, could eat steak and carrot cake every night, write righty and do several things with my left, i skip paragraphs when reading.

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