a weekend in the life

Winter, especially in the city, can be rough. I feel like everyone goes through a time of hibernation where they wish away the early sunsets, the cold weather, and the wind chill which makes the cold weather, well, colder. After Costa Rica, I oddly found myself wanting to continue my “being alone all the time” thing, and think winter played a part in that, too. I mean…I see and interact with people allll the time during the week, but come the weekends I focused on sleep, running, writing, running, more sleep, resting, running, and making coconut macaroons.

But finally, I’m over it. It’s March. And I missed my friends. And enjoyed a near perfect weekend. 

I went out in K-town with my best friend Danielle, her newwww (!) boyfriend, + crew. We drank watermelon soju, which is a hallowed out watermelon filled with alcohol. We ate budae jjigae, which is a casserole filled with EVERYTHING (noodles, vegetables, spam (?), hotdogs, tofu, cheese). Great food, wonderful company. 

food danielle josh

I slept till 10 on saturday (!!!) went to a yoga class (so many hamstring stretches and hip openers…glorious) and went to Atlas Cafe for black bean soup, poem writing, and coffee drinking.


I took a nap.

I cooked dinner with Melissa, Nic, and Alana, followed by the Brooklyn Museum to check out the new Gravity and Grace exhibit. The artist is from Ghana (love) and uses aluminum and copper wire to build incredible pieces that fall somewhere in between the realm of sculpture and painting. There was also an amazing Nigerian band playing, so we listened and danced for a while before grabbing a final drink at Union Hall.

chicas bkmuseum

art me n nic

I tipped a cab driver way too much because I never take cabs but needed to get home and he was from Bangladesh and told me his life story and we talked about the differences between Bangladesh and India and Pakistan and he was so wonderful and damnit bills just fly when I have three drinks and apparently get drunk.

….aaand Sunday I woke up feeling crappy. I met Jocelyn at the track for an “18ish miler.” We ended up going sans data (!!!) and running all around the city while catching up on life. I went for an extra stretch along the East River Path, lost Jocelyn, almost froze to death, and then re-found her at PIE, a glorious GF pizza place in Greenwich Village. Meggie also joined, and we defrosted and ate lots of food.

J BONN piiiizzaa

I napped again. Did laundry. Ate lentils. Hung out with Frankie the dog while eatin cookies.


And with that,  I’m officially in love with this weekend.

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marketing director at Possible. formerly at Greatist. Still running, finding zen, and searching for the perfect bloody mary.

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  1. I love that you went and wrote poetry. That is so Brooklyn. And I mean that in the nicest way. You are one of my fave Brooklynites. See you soon?!?

  2. cansathefan4


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