songs that have changed my life

I’m pretty sure I spend 80 percent of my day listening to music. I almost always have headphones in when commuting or walking to a friend’s apartment, and once I get home I turn on my speakers and play a few albums while I’m winding down before bed.

If I’m in a certain mood, I’ll pick songs that feel nostalgic; I love the fact that certain songs can represent or remind you of certain times in your life. So I figured I’d share some of my favorite tracks that in a way have ‘changed my life’ — happy listening!

(ps: I didn’t alternate from soundcloud & spotify for fun – only half the songs were on soundcloud!) 

Come On! Feel the Illinois – Sufjan Stevens

This is probably my favorite song of all time. It’s been my constant throughout my whole life and the arrangement is incredibly awesome. 

Tell Me Why – Neil Young

My first (and only…) car had a cassette player, and the only tape I had was Neil Young. “Tell Me Why” was the first track. I love the guitar. 

Let Down – Radiohead  

OK Computer is probably my favorite Radiohead album, and the transition from track five into “Let Down” is SO beautiful. There’s a buildup that starts at 3:42 and it’s aaamazing.

Methuselah – San Fermin

I only started listening to this band recently, and it reminds me of the early winter and walking around the city. It soothes. 

Emily – Joanna Newsom 

Joanna’s voice can take some time getting used to, but her melodies and lyrics are pretty brilliant. Her storytelling ability in song is what really gets me.

On The Sea – Beach House

This song is on their album Bloomwhich has literally been carrying me through the last few weeks. It’s healing. It’s magical.

Cubism Dream – Local Natives

I saw Local Natives play live recently, and this was the only song they didn’t play. #Heartbreak. Still, it’s one of my favorites, and reminds me of my first winter in Brooklyn. 

Two-Headed Boy – Neutral Milk Hotel

Sufjan may have taken my favorite song, but In the Aeroplane Over the Sea is definitely my favorite album…ever. I don’t think I’ll ever get sick of it. This, here, is my favorite track.

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marketing director at Possible. formerly at Greatist. Still running, finding zen, and searching for the perfect bloody mary.

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