change & a weekend in-the-life

If I could use only one word to describe these last few months, I’d be change.

I left the tech startup world and entered the impact/non-profit one. I moved neighborhoods (byee three years in Williamburg) and got out of a ‘relationship’ that really needed to happen but still really messed with me. My sleep and workout routine changed pretty significantly (I’m in bed by 9pm…), and I started cooking way more and going out a lot less (#adult).

All of these changes are good, but I’m still reminded of this quote: “Change, even good change, is loss.” The fact that so many things in my life are SO DIFFERENT has taken a mental and physical toll. I also have had a non-stop summer o’ fun and have yet to catch up on rest — going to weddings and bridal showers, backpacking on the AT (again!), seeing concerts and Mets games, eating a lot of mexican food, and starting to train for the new york city marathon (but stopped..more on that..).

Screen Shot 2014-08-10 at 9.21.49 AM IMG_8948

IMG_8817 IMG_8734

Screen Shot 2014-08-10 at 9.32.29 AM

(Swear there were more than three of us at the wedding..)

I laugh at myself when I get stressed that I have a lot of fun happening. That said, I realized I needed alone time to work through some things and feel grounded again. And I finally, finally think I’m starting to feel like a real human again.

I was counting down the days to August 1st when I would finally move into my new apartment in Crown Heights. And so far, I love it. My best friend Nicole now lives two blocks away. We’re reliving freshman year (we met freshman year of college but then I transferred, and we haven’t lived this close to each other since then) aaand are basically a married couple. We made each other a set of keys, she comes over for dinner, I pick up groceries for her from Manhattan, and we’re getting into a routine of going to each other’s apartments at night during the week to split a beer in bed. It’s the best.

I’m also getting up most mornings and running in Prospect Park, which is also the best. I love running there so much, and as much as I loved my routine of warming up and doing workouts at McCarren Track, I needed a change of scenery. I also love that there are actual HILLS around here (I love hill running) which I hope will make me a stronger runner. I also have used the word “love” five times in four sentences. I ❤ Running. 

Anyway … this was the first weekend in centuries when I wasn’t moving/traveling/etc, and it was a wonderful one at that.

On Saturday AM, Nicole and I went to a yoga collective near our houses, and then walked to the farmers market. This peach was $2 #worthit.


I napped, read this book, and continued working on a medium post about the Appalachian Trail.

Jim and Kate came down to see my new apartment, listened to San Fermin in the park, and got ice cream at Ample Hills!! So good. 

ice cream

This morning I went running, and felt…actually pretty awful. Some days I jump out of bed, bang out two loops of Prospect Park, and feel great. And I was excited to go on a 10-12 miler today, but felt like my body was going to keel over. I’m “proud” that I didn’t push it and ended the run early (seven miles early…). and I’m trying to embrace the bad days with the good ones. But it was a pretty epic fail.

And thennn to end the weekend, I celebrated the last bit of change that I am not so happy about: Jim and Kate moving from Brooklyn to a HOUSE on Long Island. A bunch of friends gathered to spent our last Sunday together at the Lobster Joint in Greenpoint. I biked up there which was fun/hot. The day was bittersweet and delicious. (Please don’t move away.) 

friends lobster

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  1. So glad you are posting again! For me, it’s a great window into your daily life 🙂 xoxo

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