Some faves

I’ve compiled a list of some favorite posts:


An odd farming experience in Prescott, AZ
The conclusion to our Road Trip
Maine, Reflections
Mornings on tour with Big Tree
Our travels to Wa
Seattle with Nuun
The Windy City
The Most Beautiful Place on Earth
Costa Rica
On Traveling Alone
San Francisco 
Wanderlust/ lack thereof
The appalachian trail
Autumn travels
Martin Munoz
Maine: I  II  III  IV


The Bus Ride
Ghana and Colorado: Mutual Acts of Beauty
A Love Story
The Little Dipper


Comfort and creativity
Small changes
Startup love
One-year anniversary
Real relations


Why can’t we be (fitness) friends
The hardest yoga pose
Running confessions
Need for Speed
My favorite exercise
Selfish yoga
Morning workouts
“The discipline to recover”
A lesson in breath

Random Thoughts

The joy of quiet
A..unique english lesson
I got a tattoo.
The only two things I know
Homes (poem)
One Last Shag (poem)
108 things
108 things (II)
Looking 20 feet ahead
Why I write

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