I still cannot get over the fact that almost every morning I wake up in a completely different, beautiful surrounding. Right now I’m in Dallas TX, staying in a crazy nice town-house while a friend’s parents are away. We have a whole place to stay for three nights, giving us the opportunity to “settle,” grocery shop, and have daily showers (if we want them). Only a day before I woke up in a moldy-green $49 motel room in Tulsa OK, and what seems like only minutes earlier-I greeted the sunrise with the mountains of Colorado. We’ve slept in the desert of Taos, NM, a small farm house outside San Diego, and even on the floor of our own stage in Pueblo, CO. 

We’ve woken up in an apartment right off of Sunset blvd in LA, greeting the day with a hike up into the hills of Los Angeles to give us a view of the city.

We’ve swam next to dolphins and sea lions in the Pacific Ocean just as the sun was setting.

We’ve woken up and taken goats on walks to icy cold rivers, before making brunch with friends.

We’ve enamored at the beauty that is Taos, NM, and the amazing houses you find (and get to stay in) sprawled out in the middle of what seems like nowhere.

And we’ve recently falled in love with Colorado: it’s mountains, altitude, and overall atmosphere.

We’re about to take on Texas for all its worth….helllllllo American South!

About Laura

marketing director at Possible. formerly at Greatist. Still running, finding zen, and searching for the perfect bloody mary.

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