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28 days until my first marathon. Am I excited? Yeah. Am I petrified? Even more so.

I’ll be honest; I don’t think I went about training for this race the smartest way. I put off “actual training” until two months prior to race day, and before that stuck to my normal workout routines of speed work, yoga, strength, and a few long runs here and there. I was confident I had the endurance in me, and could wait till the last month or so to sneak in a 20-miler or two.

And then, for the first time in my life, I injured myself.
(Photo cred, my new friend Alex, with my other new friend (and injury twin!) Ashley.

I didn’t talk about it because I didn’t really know how to. It turned me into a very sad, grumpy, person. (I’m sorry for those who had to deal with me.) I would convince myself every morning I ‘d wake up pain-free (and be disappointed each time); I’d eye (and envy) the runners on the Williamsburg Bridge as I sat on the subway; I could barely watch the Olympics without wanting to punch the screen. Luckily, I finally found the right doctor (thanks to Sherpaa!) and was wrapped up and prescribed pills that would let me run Hood to Coast.

So then I ran 17 miles in 20 hours after literally not moving for three weeks. During my legs, I felt (mostly) great. My secret dream to BQ at Wineglass was beginning to surface, as I felt like I could tackle anything.

But in reality, I’m an idiot. Taking three weeks off and running tight and through an injury resulted in me coming back to NYC pretty beaten up. After taking a day off (only one day, really laur?) I went for a 4 mile “shake-out” run after my red-eye. Magically, I didn’t feel terrible. Then I decided to spend the next day doing squats, even though my legs were incredibly tight. (I’m kicking myself right now.) And then the next morning when I’m running fartleks around Greenpoint, what happens? I feel a snap. Pulled my hamstring. Of cooourseee.

I still plan on running Wineglass, but I think my expectations and goals  will have to change. Perhaps I should just focus on finishing while feeling strong. Then, I should sign up for a spring marathon (Eugene?!) and train the right way. Or maybe I’ll hate the 26.2 and want to kick ass in the half marathon I’m running in October. Or I’ll join Meggie in her 5K revolution.

Until then, I’ve been trying to jog and keep up with strength, while stretching and foam rolling and icing like it’s my second job. And trying to rest. Which I’m doing right now. Trying…

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marketing director at Possible. formerly at Greatist. Still running, finding zen, and searching for the perfect bloody mary.

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  1. 😦 if i remember correctly, Wineglass is your first marathon, right? You will still do well-especially on that course. but have FUN! take care of yourself though-sounds like you got a good plan with the icing and foam rolling. I’m thinking Eugene too-going to talk to my PT on wednesday about all of my somewhat insane goals

  2. Don’t stress too much!! I too am hating life with an injury right now but you are going to do GREAT. Think about how you banged out that surprise 22 miler with Jocelyn last spring… you are more trained than THAT and it’s only 4 miles longer. You will have fun and be fine! XOXO

  3. Ohhhnoooooo. Hamstrings are the WORST!!! I hate them so. Let’s definitely do EUGENE!! I am 100% in. Comebacks galore!!!

    • hahah haters of the hamstrings! eeek.I am SO down for eugene; the price goes up the day after my first marathon sooooo, looks like i’ll be deciding after I (hopefully) cross the finish line!

  4. I think you should join the revolution and run the 5K the day before the NYC marathon! The next day we can cheer on everybody and their mom who is running it. The revolution allows for potential digression to other race distances, as well…the leader has been doing this as well…. 🙂 Good luck and excited to follow your first marathon!

  5. You should definitely due Eugene in the spring. 🙂

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