hood to coast, 3.

 I started off these posts saying that Hood to Coast was hardly about the running, but changed me as a runner.

And what I tried to explain but probably didn’t get across all that well was this: In the end, it wasn’t about splits, or pace, or passing people. Sure, we’re all runners, and have an innate desire to push ourselves. But the challenge of Hood to Coast wasn’t trying to win, or even PR. (Oh hello, remember that time we were waiting at the wrong exchange for ten minutes in the middle of the night? Sorry Mollly and Sarah!)

What Hood to Coast really encompassed (for me, at least) was this:

Being thrown into a completely new (and amazing) social situation.
Meeting 25+ strangers can be tough, and trying to be yourself without feeling a liiiittle uncomfortable at first is definitely hard. But it’s so worth it. We are all pretty different people too, but came together because of our shared, genuine love for running and writing.

Experiencing a new part of the country.
Most of us arrived from around the country, and many had never been to Washington or Oregon before (hellllo!). Every turn was awesome; Seattle was a fun, vibrant city, the bends along HTC’s route was beautiful, and Mt.Hood was absolutely gorgeous.

Running the Mother of All Relays.
Hood to Coast is a running adventure all on
 its own. It’s no Saturday long run, no hill workout, no fartlek. It’s running down a mountain, in the middle of the night, through the fog, up and down hills, in trails, through cities, down highways, and onto the beach. It’s 199 miles. It’s hot. It’s freezing. It’s beautiful. It’s tough.

Spreading the Nuun Love.
Running Hood to Coast would not have been the same had it not been for Nuun. We were running to help spread the word of HTC’s hydration sponsor. To tell people: Yo dude, you need to drink more water, and take more electrolytes. And will you stop drinking sugary Gatorade and wasting plastic bottles while you’re at it? Moreover, the energy at Nuun was contagious, and their mission and goals inspiring. I think I can speak for everyone that we were super proud to represent Nuun. (And put their tattoos all over our bodies..)

Motivating each other to reach for our goals.
So yes: HTC wasn’t just about the running, but running is still at the core. Never have I been more motivated to continue running, and fast. I have my first marathon in a month, and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t freaking out. I want to be proud of this race and continue to create long term goals, now that I know I have a “family” of runners around the country who will join me on the starting line. 

I didn’t have the time to talk up a storm with every person (I truly wish I had!) but what’s so wonderful about all of this is the relay may be over, but these new-found friendships have just begun. (Do I sound like a Hallmark Card? Darnit.) But it’s true. I mean…I’ve made so many new friends, and I plan on keeping them. And forcing people to come to NYC and sleep on my futon. And asking to crash when I now sign up for a billiion races in their towns and cities. I hope you’re ready !



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marketing director at Possible. formerly at Greatist. Still running, finding zen, and searching for the perfect bloody mary.

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  1. You were so GRACIOUS that last night and through breakfast on Sunday. It made me really, really wish that we’d had the chance to spend more time together. Nuun put together a great set-up for us…great product, great people, great energy all makes for a super great time 🙂

    • this comment (seriously) made my night. It was so wonderful having some time together near the end…I hope we find another condo living room floor to hang out at soon (:

  2. love this post too. very well put-it really was about so much more than the running. and yes, i have a guest room with your name on it. just choose an GA race for the spring and my foot should be back to normal by then 🙂

  3. readytogetsweaty

    What am amazing experience! Your collaged pictures (pic monkey, right?) really make the whole recap 😉 I’m glad you were able to finish up your leg of the race, but not happy to hear about your foot.

  4. Didn’t I tell you in March that it wasn’t JUST about running?!! HA! Always listen to your mother!

  5. well I had the chance to be around you a little that first morning and I thought you were so nice and interesting also (in a good way) You have a place to stay right here if 2 under 8 yrs old boys dont scare you too much!!! 🙂

  6. I was completely serious, cuz, when I said we need to run a race together as a family. You, me, and Mandy would rock the course! Also, have you watched the Hood to Coast documentary yet? You must! You can find it on Netflix, I think (I own a copy). I was standing right next to the old super-tan dude with the big ears as they were interviewing him! My friend Jill is on one of the teams they feature in the movie. Are you doing it next year? Wanna be on my team?

    • I still haven’t seen the movie yet..I need to! And I would love to do it again next year…TEAM FAMILY! We can definitely get me you, mandy, my dad, john, rich (if his knee is better), your dad (?), and then…recruit your friends!

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