1-year anniversary

Today marks my one-year anniversary with Greatist.

I never have actually written about my job in full on here: what I do, what we’re is all about, and why I feel incredibly lucky and proud to be working for the company. And since I’ve let 365 days slip by without some concrete details, I am going to spill my little heart all over this post and explain not only why I love my job, but why I believe in it.

First thing’s first though. What exactly iiiiis Greatist? In PR-friendly, mundane discourse, we’re a “health & fitness media startup,” or a “high quality online health & lifestyle resource.” But what I dislike about those phrases is they lack character. If I had it my way, I would always pitch us as “the ultimate and freakin best site on the web that provides quality, trusted, fun, relatable, and friendly health, fitness, and wellness content that  inspires people to be conscious of and improve their health in order to make better choices and in the short and long term, be happier.”

Too bad that’s a mouth-full. But in all seriousness, what we (currently) are is site that produces health, fitness, and happiness content. Frustrated by the lack of any one place to find really high quality health information online, Greatist is filling that gap, giving people trusted, quality content. Every fact is cited by a PubMed study, and every article approved by multiple experts. And even though the editorial team spends the day devouring studies, all our articles are written in a relatable, friendly tone; we take the hard, sciency facts and turn them into digestable, fun stories. The result? Articles like how to avoid computer eye strain, the myths of carbo-loading, and if you can be too sore to workout, among many, many (thousands!) more.

(Incase you were wondering, that is my chest on the homepage. I think I’ve finally made it.)

Currently my job title is “Outreach Director & Staff Writer.” Basically, I split up my time writing for the site, and doing  PR or “friend-making”….basicallly creating and managing partnerships while forging relationships with other influential, inspiring, and curious people in this sphere. But the beauty of a startup is we all do a little bit of everything and are always encouraged to think of and tackle new projects. We can wear many (purple) hats, and take on a ton of roles. 

Launched in April 2011, we’re the fastest growing site on the web. And now, we’re almost one of the biggest. But content is only the beginning. What we’re building is a brand people can trust. Once enough people can turn to us for health and fitness information, they’ll keep turning to us for other advice. In the (near) future we hope to offer products, apps, programs, and services that will help people make better choices.

The culture of Greatist is just as enticing as its mission. We have a kickass office. There’s a zen room with a big red couch, medicine balls, bean bags, and a wonderful place to catch an (always encouraged) nap. There’s the Maker’s Mark Distillery (that yes, has Marker’s) for meetings and phone calls. There are hot air balloons on the wall, fresh veggies in the fridge, and ice cream in the freezer. We have access to a gym across the street, super flexible hours, and daily sing-alongs. (Not kidding.) We joke around while getting shit done. We have happy hours, go on fitness adventures together, and hang out on the weekends. My co-workers are my friends, my office my second home, my job..such a huge, integral part of my life. 


And the real reason Greatist works is the people. We’re all in it for the same reasons; we believe in what we’re building, are incredibly frustrated by the lack of what’s out there, and are super motivated to make a change to truly impact people’s lives. Without such a passionate team, nothing would have or would continue to get accomplished. It also helps that everyone on the team is freakin hilarious, thoughtful, and genuine. So to Derek, Tao, Kate, Jordan, Shana, Kelli, Zack, Nicole, Laura, LC, Becca, and Sophie, thank you from the bottom of my heart for being the best 12 reasons I get up every morning. (Oh my goooodness TEAR JERKER UHGGGH).

I recently read an old blog post where I was obviously bitter about a lot of things (oh, and worked at a restaurant), and these lines caught my attention: “You can make a lot of money working at a restaurant. Unfortunately, working at a restaurant is also one of the most awful jobs on the planet.  I’ve realized that working in an environment that I strongly dislike doesn’t just take away my time, it takes away …me.”

So with that, thanks to Greatist for bringing “me” back. Here’s to 365 awesome days, and many maaany more to come. 

About Laura

marketing director at Possible. formerly at Greatist. Still running, finding zen, and searching for the perfect bloody mary.

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  1. Ummm you make me seriously jealous of your job…that is all.

  2. Ditto to what Celia said above! I love Greatist (as a site) and it sounds like the best place to work.

    Congrats on a year with Greatist! I’m glad you found a job that you love and believe in so much – most people in this world can’t say that.

  3. I am incredibly jealous of your love of waking up and going to work everyday. I am absolutely searching for exactly what you have, but don’t really know where to look! Congrats on 1 year, sounds like there are many, many more to come 🙂

  4. Happy anniversary!!!

  5. I’m so happy you’re happy. Very very lucky girl to get to do something you love with people you love!

  6. It’s all about doing what you love every day of your life. Thanks for sharing how seriously awesome your job is. You are one lucky girl!

  7. congrats on your year! i’m currently going through another job search at the moment. hope i can find what you have 🙂

  8. I’m sorry I’m just catching up on posts now – but WOW loved this post, and love Greatist! Now – when are we opening a SF office? Officially booked to get there on 10/25! I’ll start scouting locations as soon as I land. 🙂 PS. How was the marathon!?!?

    • You are too kind!! I will let you know ASAP when we have a SF office..im workin on it! And CONGRATS on your one-way ticket — so so excited for you!! & the marathon was awesome..i already signed up for another one? haha

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