>DAY 7

> snow in june. oxymoron?

Sorry it has been a little while since my last post. I have been hard chilling on Fire Island for the last week, spending my days reading on the beach, conquering the waves of the north atlantic, eating everything, and drinking cold beers in hot, outdoor showers. Even so, I have been sliiightly stressed, because I started this stupid blog and I can’t fall behind! Just can’t. Oy.

Anyhoo, back to where we were. Yes. The Rockies.

So, the best part about camping is that it really doesn’t matter what time it is anymore. If it’s 9pm, who cares? You go to bed when the sun sets and wake up when it rises. Alas, we woke up quite early, welcomed by a chilled air that was getting warmer by the minute as the sun became stronger. I loved this morning: being in dry, cool air, hugging a hot cup of coffee while staring at the snow-capped Rockies that were yards away. Try it sometime.

We drank our coffee, ate our oats, and geared up for an 8 mile r.t. hike to Fern Lake. We packed two gourmet pb&j’s, four water bottles, animals crackers, and Clif bars. We knew with the altitude that snow could quite possibly be up at the lake, so we also packed some extra layers. I brought my journal, Nic her art supplies. Then we were on our way.

The hike was simply gorgeous. We encountered a pretty waterfall, some interesting looking bridges, and green! Everywhere green! The climb was intense at times, but doable, nonetheless. The trail is also popular not just for those on foot–many people take their horses up to the lake. That being said, every couple hundred yards we would encounter a bunch of horse shit on the trail covered by an army of flies (yum).

Here is a rather absurd picture of what greeted us near the start of Fern Lake: horses and snow.

The lake itself was a sight. We spent almost two hours there, eating our lunch and gazing at the scenery. At one point we sat out on a large rock in the water, which required us to walk barefoot in the snow and into ankle deep freezing water.

Overall, hike=success. Here are some more pictures because I am too tired to keep writing. Bye!

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