>DAY 13

>Canyonlands: Flintstone Land or Surface of the Moon?

While Nicole and I took the previous day to rest up and reenergize, we soon learned that one day may not have been enough. We got up after sleeping for a modest, uh, 13 hours, and then hit the road with the map that our friendly waiter so kindly drew out for us (pictured in last post). As you can see, there is only one road–300 South–which was supposed to lead us to a back way into the national park.

Turns out that 300S was the wrong road. After many confusing twists and turns, we found ourselves at the Monticello visitor center (yeah, I wondered why there was one too) and were given proper directions.

We made it into the park and set up camp. It began to rain so we hung out in the car and read, and proceeded to fall asleep for three hours. We woke up sometime in the afternoon, and felt it was necessary to hike at least a few miles around Canyonlands, despite our definite delirium. And the rain.

We walked two trails, one that was a little over a mile, and another that was three and change. We saw some cave art, Asian tourists, and a landscape that curiously resembled the surface of the moon (see picture above). With hindsight, our surroundings were particularly enjoyable and unique. Yet, we were just too tired, too out of it. We began to believe we were situated in Bedrock, and started pointing out needles and fins in the distance and deeming them the Flintstone post-office, bank, hospital, etc. Get my drift?

When we returned back “home” to our tent, the rain started to come down harder. We found refuge back in our car and finished eating our chocolate chip cookies, which now tasted like onions (they were nestled next to each other in our cooler). Then, I took a video to capture the delirium. Unfortunately, blogspot does not want to cooperate and upload the movie, and I am not really up for “reporting the error.” Maybe it will work in the next post.


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marketing director at Possible. formerly at Greatist. Still running, finding zen, and searching for the perfect bloody mary.

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  1. Loved reading about your trip. Flagstaff and the Four Corners area are awesome! Hope you made it to Beaver St Pub fpr the pizza and Macy’s for breakfast. I especially liked reading about your WOOF at the Happy Oasis. Planning another triip, which is how I came across your blog. I haven’t posted to my blog in quite a while, but you may enjoy reading it.

    Happy travels!

  2. thanks steve! glad you’re enjoying the blog 🙂 Curious—how’d you come across it?

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