>DAY 21


One great day in Bill’s hometown

Yes. We had to stop in Little Rock. Why? Well, why not? At one point we thought of heading farther south, hitting up places like Austin and NOLA. But our thought-process was this: we have our whole lives to see cities like New Orleans, places that we can take advantage of when we’re not on a budget and living out of a tent.

Example scenario I: Nic and Laura enter Bourbon Street in dirty clothes and teva’s. Nic and Laura have a drink. No one talks to Nic and Laura because they haven’t showered in…four days. Then it hits 9pm and Nic and Laura start yawning. They drive back to their tent 20 minutes away and go to sleep.

Now, when would we ever really decide to go to Little Rock in our future lives? Example scenario II: “Hello wonderful husband, hi adorable children. Where should we go on vacation this summer? Our options are San Francisco, Paris, Costa Rica, or Little Rock! Let’s count hands…..Oh? Little Rock? Okay, sounds great! I’ll book the flight tonight!”

So, with Little Rock conveniently only six hours east on I40, and with a good friend from college living there for the summer, we thought why not? We also love Bill Clinton, and wanted to see his museum. And find THE Little Rock (which didn’t happen). And get on the local news (which did).

Until I muster up the energy to tell you all about it, you can look at my lunch I had that afternoon:

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