>Thursday’s are the one day I have off from both jobs, so I try to find a genuine balance between productivity and vegging out. This Thursday was no exception, as I found myself both relaxing and getting some stuff done. For instance,

autumn not only equals changing of leaves and cooler temperatures. it also means cooking and baking scrumptious foods like roasted sweet potatoes and pumpkin pie:

I use much of my free-time to cook, since this has always been a hobby of mine. The other night after I came home from the museum, I whipped up a fall-friendly meal for my friends Ibrahim, Dashawn, and Laura. On the menu: stuffed peppers with apple-chicken sausage, cheddar cheese, spinach, and sauteed apples and onions. I am especially digging the pumpkin (after buying a huge can of it at the grocery store), and have used it to make pumpkin oatmeal and the pumpkin bread above. Next venture? Pumpkin black-bean burgers!

Aside from cooking, free-time in autumn is a wonderful chance to go on runs and walks in my neighborhood without wanting to keel over in the 90 degree heat. I live right by Meridian Hill Park, which has hosted a drumming circle for over 30 years. I went a few weeks ago with my friend Laura and hope to go back again when I have off from work:

On the productive side, I have been trying to go for runs on my days off. I miss running so much–its such a stress relief–but I’m oddly finding that I am so sore from waitressing and the last thing I want to do before or after a shift is put more physical stress on my body. Oh well! I’ve been to yoga a few times and have really enjoyed it, but there is just no time! And no money! Oy vey. I’m also trying to find other internships/jobs for the winter and spring, study for the GRE’s, and potentially apply to grad school, all the while keep up on the news and reading for pleasure.

When I do read, I read here:
I’m currently enthralled by A Time to Betray by Reza Kahlili

That couch is where I’m actually laying right now as I type. And it’s where I’m going to now get back to my book before I fall to sleep soundly next to my friends on my nightstand:

-the doll is from my friend Alex, who is from El Salvador. It’s a worry doll-she gave it to me during the final stages of thesis-writing and told me to put it under my pillow.
-the log cabin is an incense burner from the Adirondacks. The scent is a mixture of pine, balsam fir, and smoky wood.
-the bears in the back are also from the ADK’s, and are the base of my table-lamp.
-the odd guy on the right is also a bear I got in Albuquerque. He is supposed to have special powers…


About Laura

marketing director at Possible. formerly at Greatist. Still running, finding zen, and searching for the perfect bloody mary.

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