>BIG news

>Okay. So I have been subtlety dropping information about this, but I guess it is time for some real information.

Long story kinda short. Nicole’s friend from Stonehill is in a band called Big Tree, and she saw an event on facebook they created; they need a singer for a tour they are doing across the country. She sent me the link and I quickly responded, not really expecting to hear back. First off, the band is based in the Bay Area. And I’m in DC. And second off, well…I am all the way in DC, and they are all the way in California. Fast forward through a few emails, and I sent them a video of me singing harmony to one of their songs. Fast forward again to some more information on the road trip, expectations, questions, concerns, and..well…I’m in. I’m in a band, both singing and hopefully playing trumpet! As my mom likes to hear: “I am going on tour!”

The one tricky part to all of this is, if you haven’t gathered, I am all the way across the country right now. I am flying out to San Francisco about a week before we go on tour, so until then, I am learning all the songs on my own and sending along recordings so the band knows I’m preparing and can offer some constructive criticism until we can all rehearse together. I’m flying out February 26th, and we should end up in New York in the beginning of April.

The other part to this equation is my current home in DC. Don’t get me wrong–I am so happy with my decision to move down here and really feel like I’ve grown in the process: finding a place to live, creating a new social circle, and going through two internships and a job. Not to mention, I’ve learned my way around a city that I’ve only briefly visited two or three times in my entire life. In a few short months, I learned the rhythms, language and culture of this new city. I’ve appreciated its immense diversity, laughed at its alphabetical street names that are out of order, and scoffed at its poorly planned subway system. I hate that I can’t eat on the metro, and love that I have escalators to take me up to the ground. I hate that there are no sky scrapers, yet love that I have several parks surrounding me. There’s a free zoo; gas stations don’t sell beer. This is our nation’s capital; there is crime everywhere.

That being said, there is nothing keeping me here. I can work from anywhere with my current internship, and lo and behold- waitressing sucks. So, rather than trying to sublet my room for one or two months when I’m “on tour,” I am going to give it up. I am going to embrace this next opportunity and see where it takes me, without having to worry about coming back here to pay rent and serve tables to snooty Bethesdians. If this gig takes me to the grammy’s-well, awesome. If it takes me back to Northport, that’s fine too.

Once I learn more about where we will be touring, I will pass along this information for anyone that may be interested in hearing Big Tree! Until then, the link above brings you to their tunes, so take a listen!

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