>my family and friends are more talented than me

>It’s true. And I am fine with that.

Firstly, my amazing mother has been making jewelry for about five years now! She started with a $100 purchase from Michaels and a passion to learn the craft, and within months was creating beautiful pieces. What started off as a hobby turned into a small business; she named her business IBK (inspired by Kati) and began donating half her proceeds to different charities. After creating a network of customers and hosting an extremely successful jewelry party, she knew it was time to make her jewelry available for everyone. She recently created an etsy account, where you can find some of her pieces. I’m pretty sure she just put up some today, so more will be on the way. Click HERE to look!

Now, after you buy yourself a beautiful bracelet, why not order a print to hang on your wall? Well let me tell ya, that is all possible now! My best friend Danielle has been into photography for years, and after investing in a new camera, lenses, and much time and patience, she is finally showing those around her what exceptional talent she has. You can look at her photos on her flickr account HERE, as well as contact her at danielle.karagannis@gmail.com if you want to order any pictures or inquire about hiring her for freelance work.

Lastly, feel free to send me donations for all of my exceptional talents and abilities. I am charming, know basic spanish and french, and am 5’5. My middle name is Christine. I also have a blog called “Camping Out in America,” that you can read HERE. Email me at lschwecherl@gmail.com and I’ll give you my bank account number so you can just direct-deposit the funds. Thanks!

About Laura

marketing director at Possible. formerly at Greatist. Still running, finding zen, and searching for the perfect bloody mary.

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  1. >You forgot to add that you have a great sense of humor!

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