>winter to summer

So, it looks like spring decided to just, well, not happen this year, as we’ve gone from chilly, unforcomfortable gray days to hot, humid, and SUNNY conditions.  I don’t really mind the skip over spring, since it’s my least favorite season. Give me apple picking, pumpkins and changing leaves in the fall, and skiing, tea and fireplaces in the winter.  Yes–spring is the season of rebirth, but I’d much rather  experience the climax of new life:  hot, sweaty messes in the summer where the consumption of sangria, day trips to the beach, and daylight till 9PM is in full force. 

                                       Sunken Meadow Beach, late February

                                                                               Sunken Meadow beach, late May

Life slowed down for a bit which bothered me, but things are finally getting back into motion.  There are more rehearsals, shows, and music to be practiced and played, I am once again a server at some fancy-shmansy restaurant (although I vowed never to return to the “business,”) and I’m filling in the gaps with six-mile runs, novels from the public library, trips to the beach, and time in the city where I tell myself I’m not going to spend all my money…and then I do. .

I’d continue typing, but my front wrist is really out of shape from holding up trays of wine, martinis, and soco old fashions (seriously–there is a muscle there). Moreover, I’ve had a bad cold for over a week now, and I think I must finally admit that I too, have allergies.  Apparently EVERYONE is getting hit hard this season; Mayor Bloomberg has planted mostly male trees this year, since female trees are full of seeds (us fertile beings) which end up being messy and ugly. Male trees are prettier and cleaner, but they also have more pollen. Hence, more sneezey people. Is there any irony to male trees being the reason behind sick, grumpy people?

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marketing director at Possible. formerly at Greatist. Still running, finding zen, and searching for the perfect bloody mary.

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