thanksgiving + why i workout

Oh hello! I hope you all had wonderful Thanksgivings and by now, have digested. The holiday up in New Hampshire was as expected: relaxing, delicious, and comforting! There was artichoke dip and cheese, many bottles of wine, football (on mute), turkey turkey turkey, PIE, cognac (which my mom took shots of by accident), trivial pursuit, long runs in cold weather, drives to the ocean, leftovers, roasted vegetables, reading, writing, coffee, skyping across the country, and maker’s. I think that covered it (:


I went on one of the best runs on the Friday after the Feast, and it really got me thinking about why I actually enjoy working out. I’ve realized that I do different exercises for different reasons, but all GOOD ones, I believe. Running is the obvious one. It keeps me sane.  I run to explore new places, clear my mind, listen to T.I., and get a healthy dose of endorphins. I run for an hour so I can proceed to plop myself on the couch for six. I do it to thank my legs for carrying me many places, all without injury. (I’m lucky, I don’t know what a shin splint or a stress fracture feels like).  I’m not big into racing because I never liked the feeling of being beyond exhausted and in pain…kinda ruins it. I run because it’s FUN, and is a part of my life just as brushing my teeth, going to work, eating breakfast, and listening to Beyonce are.

Now, do I do pushups or pullup(s), circuit work, or lunges because it’s fun and I love clearing my head and it relaxes me? Hell to the no. I strength train because it’s challenging. I like surprising people with my strong shoulders and legs. I like pushing myself and entering uncharted territories…and seeing improvement. I had a personal training session last week that nearly killed me, and I’m excited to replicate it next week. For me, strength training is about discipline and motivation, and is a sheer test of dedication—(and something I’m dedicated to only every now and then..).

Yoga fits in here too (namaste). I love yoga because I’m always learning and experiencing new poses, teachers, rhythms, and philosophies. I hardly ever stretch after running (woops), so it really helps out with my flexibility (my fingers have only recently been introduced to my toes). But mainly, I practice yoga to get to that ending savasana pose, where I can for the life of me do absolutely nothing for five minutes. It’s about the only time I settle down.

On that note, it’s 63 degrees in Brooklyn. Time for a run! 

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marketing director at Possible. formerly at Greatist. Still running, finding zen, and searching for the perfect bloody mary.

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