looking forward

Despite the fact that yesterday felt like September and one month ago looked like February, it is, indeed…December . And while I’m not one to set “monthly goals” or try and “start fresh” once my bird calendar flips (December just so happens to be a Snowgirl White Chicken) I do enjoy thinking about what I’m looking forward to in the coming 31 days. Ya dig?

December just so happens to celebrate many important birthdays (mom, best friend, nearly sister-in-law). And you know what the best part about birthdays is? You’re simply told where to go to have tons of fun. No stress! I already know I’m venturing to the les saturday night, getting kick-ass mexican on Long Island Sunday evening, and going here for some classy cocktails next weekend. Thanks for being born in December, mom nic kati. I’m looking forward to it!

I’m also, well, going to Chicago. Last Sunday Ali asked me if I wanted to go—round trip tickets were $113— and I immediately said no. Then I said I’d think about it, then convinced myself I shouldn’t think about it, then thought about how I could put that money towards going somewhere BETTER (colorado, peru, seattle), and then said fuck it, then booked my flight. I’ve only been to Chicago long enough to eat a slice of deep dish and continue driving west, so I’m excited to re-explore the city and see whats up.

I am also going to a new opening at the Rubin—  a collection of comic books that depict Tibet, both real and imagined. I’m stoked… cause comics are awesome.  And for some reason, I get to go to the VIP part. It includes a free glass of wine! AAAND I get a plus one… come with me!

It’s also almost Christmas, so that means holiday presents and parties. Now, I love buying gifts for people! Spending money on myself puts me in a panic, but dishing out the dough for my beloved loves aint no thang. Our holiday grotluck at work will also be sick, since it’ll include a secret santa and SNACKS and really nice conversations and probs christmas music and Beyonce aaand tinsel. Hopefully tinsel.

Last few looking-forward things: Christmas day. And new years eve. And going on a sticker stampede around nyc. And running outside. And hopefully seeing snow. And being cold. And hunching over my space heater. And coffee. And mornings in Brooklyn. And friends. And work. And work friends. Family. Pretty lights. More pie. That’s it.

Then we’ll deal with 2012.

PS) Whoever searched “sri lankan girls get fun with tourists” to get to this blog (you’ve done it twice), please let me know. I’d like to chat.

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marketing director at Possible. formerly at Greatist. Still running, finding zen, and searching for the perfect bloody mary.

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  1. that looks like a sick comic exhibit! a very fine time.

  2. I’m the one who searched for your blog by typing that into google…..

  3. MistyXoXo Posted on Thank you, Beth! I like the post you made for the member’s page. I look foarwrd to seeing more posts from you and other participators. ❤

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