This weekend I attended my first bachelorette party.

It was great. No party buses, penis straws, or strippers. Instead, there was a beautiful backyard, a canal, vineyards, and eleven lovely ladies. My brother is getting married in July (!!) and I’m lucky enough to be close to his wife-to-be, along with many of her friends. It works out quite lovely.


So we piled into a few cars, rented a house on the North Fork, and spent the long Memorial Day weekend wine tasting, moving watching, snacks-for-dinner-eating, beer-ponging, downtown dock-dancing, game-playing, and rum-tequila-vodka-beer-wine-champagne…drinking.

So I’m never drinking again. (Or until I had a beer after yoga the other night. Just for hydration?)

Being in a house with ten girls was totally fun. Never before have I showered twice and changed three times in ONE DAY, but every now and then you do have to wonder: “Should I stay in this dress? Put on a skirt? Not wear my birkenstocks to the bar?” (I did.) We also managed to take naps when the time was especially right (aka after four hours of wine tasting and before dinner) along with waking up in the mornings…only to turn on the coffee and plop back on the couch to watch 27 dresses. 


All in all it was both a relaxing and fun-loving weekend which sort of kick-started the final countdown to the big W day. In other NYC news, it’s….fucking hot. And as much as I love being outdoors at all times frolicking around, I have many a bone-to-pick with humidity and high 80’s. Running has been a challenge, as my six mile run last night nearly cost me my life (although I think I’m getting sick too..eeek.) I probably should either wake up super early to run, or wait till at least 7 or 8pm, but usually by 4pm I need to MOVE. Either way, lessss than three months till Hood to Coast, so I must stay in speedy shape so I can bang out that final leg after already running 12ish miles and getting no sleep…. 🙂

Last thing! Speaking of Hood to Coast, the lovely Nuun Team sent me a bunch of boxes and water bottles, which I’ve been happily downing and (sorta) sharing with my coworkers. It came at the perfect time because I’m defffffinitely drinking more water than I normally do, which is much needed in this heat. The pink-lemonade flavor is…making my life so wonderful. So THANK YOU Nuun, and if any of you want a niiiice little discount, head over to the store and use the discount code bloggerslovenuun for 15% off! 

About Laura

marketing director at Possible. formerly at Greatist. Still running, finding zen, and searching for the perfect bloody mary.

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  1. That looks like SO much fun – wine tasting on LI sounds like an amazing way to do a bachelorette 🙂

  2. Sounds like a great weekend! Very low key!

  3. cansathefan4

    YOUR HAIR LOOKS SO LONG! sexy maaaaammmmii.

  4. Sounds like a lot of fun…except that part where you go back to the city to endure 80’s and humidity. That part = no fun.

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