marathon training: week 5

….aka shoot me in the shin. Just kidding, kind of.

This week was a major uphill battle for me. I think part of it was having such an easy adjustment back to New York after Costa Rica. I hopped right back into training and felt great, cruised right along at work and stayed super busy, and didn’t feel a tinge of sadness that I was no longer hanging out in a hammock devouring a book.

This week I was tired and a little overwhelmed. And it’s hard to get yourself out of a negative mindset once you step foot inside — one bad run turned to another bad run, to another and another…Luckily, I read this awesome post by Lauren titled The Uphill Climb, where I was reminded that marathon training isn’t always easy (oh…right) and that even in the beginning when the mileage isn’t crazy hard, training can be a challenge. 

And she’s right.

Monday: Optional rest or yoga
I was so happy to hop back on the yoga train, and this class felt great. I honestly can’t stress enough how much yoga has helped me as a runner; it has saved my hamstrings and my hips, and I’m way more flexible than I used to be. It also helps with the mental parts of running as I try to stay all #zen during my long runs.

Tuesday: 5 miles, core 
I busted this out on the treadmill. I try to stay off machines as much as possible, but I also know when I need to skip the 6am alarm clock and save my workout for the gym later in the day. I’m just counting down the days to when it’s light and warm enough out to run at night. Is daylight savings time tomorrow? 

Wednesday: 1 mile, failed run
This is when everything fell apart. I was running in the morning and noticed it was a bit icy. I literally told myself “wouldn’t that suck if I slipped and fell?” and about a block later… I did. I cut up my chin, knee, hip, ankle, and wrists, and also somehow managed to land in dog shit. (I wish I was kidding.) I walked the mile home and almost froze seeing as I hadn’t really warmed up yet, and realized I was getting weird stares because there was blood all over my face. Sexy. I spent an hour waiting for my knee and chin to stop bleeding (they finally did) and for my throbbing shoulder to swell up (it thankfully didn’t). I’m still a bit sore, but I was more so shaken up from losing complete control over myself. To top it off, later that day an ATM ate my twenty dollars and I managed to flush my favorite ring down the toilet. I hate you, Wednesday. 

Thursday: 8 miles, 6 x 100
This was supposed to be my redemption run, and it was everything but. I ran to Queens and felt good for the first four miles, but then something clicked and I just felt exhausted. I stopped after six miles and sat myself on the side of the road, on the verge of breaking down. After a minute I got my act together and made it to the track. I was supposed to do 300’s, but my head wasn’t in it, so I did quick sprints instead.

Friday: 5 miles, strength
This was another go at the treadmill. I was contemplating doing my weekend long run on the tred because of Nemo, so I wanted to get “used” to running on the machine. Weeelp, considering I barely got through those five miles, I knew it’d be near impossible to every stay on it for much more than an hour. Kudos to those friends of mine I see busting out 20-miles on the treadmill. That takes willpower.


Saturday: Rest
My plan prescribed three miles, strides, and some strength, but I knew my body needed rest. Also, there was that whole blizzard thing happening. And..I was out till 3am the night before being all young and in my twenties. 

Sunday: 17 miles
Holy shit this run. I stayed in the night before (marathon sacrifices…) but had a lovely evening with a crossword puzzle, wine, and my little old notebook. I got up at 9am but it took me till nearly 11 to get out the door. I had no idea what the road conditions were like, and decided I would make it to Central Park as fast as I could since I heard the paths were clear.

The first half of this run was seriously a joke. Brooklyn did this evil thing where every other block was shoveled, so I felt like I was doing an insane fartlek of “20 seconds fast, 20 seconds…walk.” There was ice everywhere, and now since I’m a paranoid fool, I kept my head down and stopped every time I saw a little piece of slush. I was doing my normal route from BK to Queens, Queens to Central Park, but decided to take a different street in Long Island City that looked a bit more clear. Long story short, I got incredibly lost and I have no idea how, and took a 3-mile detour to find the Queensborough Bridge. Once I got there, I was greeted with a huge sheet of ice. Nightmare. I pretty much walked the whole bridge (about a mile, I think?) and by the time I made it to Central Park, I considered just calling it a day. Then, I realized how stupid that was, giving I just spent well over an hour trying to get to Manhattan in one piece, and now I had clear pavement to run on and a pretty park to stare at! I gave the run another go,  and ended up finishing on a positive note (about  damn time). I was supposed to do 16 miles, but I reset my Garmin twice (once on accident, once on purpose) and apparently 5 miles + 4 miles + 8 miles = 17, not 16. Math is hard.

And now I’m going to lay in pigeon pose for the rest of the day to try to save my hips while wearing the 2012 NYC Marathon shirt I apparently paid $250 for..


Heeeere’s to getting through the week in one piece!

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marketing director at Possible. formerly at Greatist. Still running, finding zen, and searching for the perfect bloody mary.

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  1. Sorry to hear about your ‘everything went wrong Wednesday’ 😦 Would it be possible to just run 3x/week to spare yourself the extra day of possibly slipping on the ice? Hopefully next week is better for you!

  2. Wow. Rough week. Who doesn’t pick up their dog shit?! That’s just crappy (pun intended?!) Sorry you had a rough week. I totally feel you…I am learning very fast in this training cycle that I have to detach myself from the bad runs and move on and (hopefully) try to learn something from it. I KNOW this week will be better for you!!

  3. Ugh. I don’t know how you do those runs with ice and snow. I have become a fair-weather runner (and thus have not run in a very long time….). I am currently doing Crossfit for a chance of pace (mixed in with cycling classes) and will return to running in the spring. So as I see it, any day you actually get out there should be considered a success. Way to go!

    • thanks Jen 🙂 Tell me how you like CrossFit! I’ve only gone to one WOD but read and hear all about it..all the time 🙂

      • At first I wasn’t so sure about CrossFit, but now I am finding it quite addictive. Here are some things I like most about it:
        1. More so than any other workout, I feel totally spent at the end. That “my arms and legs are shaking so much, I don’t think I can lift them to wash my hair” feeling. I love that.
        2. I am never bored- the change of pace and the challenge is great.
        3. After 5 weeks, I am already feeling and seeing a change in my body. My upper body strength has increased (which I need for swimming), my arms are getting toned again, and my core looks and feels stronger. This is a pretty big incentive at age 41.
        4. The fact that all WODS are timed or counted in some way is very motivating. It is not competitive per se, but having my score written on a white board on display makes me push myself. I have a friend who goes later in the day, and we have a friendly competition going…every afternoon he posts on Facebook which of us won the WOD for the day. When I get tired and feel like backing off, I think about Ted!

        What I am not thrilled about:
        1. I have to be very careful not to hurt my lower back (which has always been a problem for me) during the power lifting. But I am not embarrassed to just do super low weights and be careful.
        2. It is a bit cult-like and clique-y. Most of the members follow a paleo diet (which I am totally not into), and they all know each other and all the lingo. I can always ask what ANRAP”, “HSPU”, and “IMUA” means, but I get tired of feeling like everyone around me is using a secret language. No one has really bothered to get to know me or cheer me on. I have some friends that attend, but they go at different times. Hopefully, other places are better at orienting new members. It is pretty annoying at this point in my life to feel like I am being left out of the cool kids group. But I suppose that is true at most gyms- I just think it is more noticeable at cross-fit.
        3. Some days, depending on the WOD, I do not feel like I get an aerobic workout, and therefore feel like I didn’t truly workout. Part of this is that fact that I can’t do very high weights yet on most exercises due to strength limitations. I suppose on those days I should try to do a short run after, but I never have time. But other days, I am gasping for breath!

        I am VERY curious to see if CrossFit improves my triathlon performance. Because Crossfit is 3 days a week, I only have time to bike on 2 days and swim on 1 (if that). I should be swimming 3 times a week and also running at least 2 days per week, but there just isn’t enough time in the day. I am hoping that the increased strength from Crossfit will make up for it, but only time will tell.

      • WOW. so much good info. Interesting observations..I’m SURE it’ll help improve your triathlon performance, though I agree it’s a little cult-like/ miss that aerobic workout. I wrote a piece on CrossFit awwwwwhile ago if you’re interested:

  4. I wondered what Greatist had to say about Crossfit! BTW, I never know whether you respond to my comments unless I check back. Is there are way to be notified?

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