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Read. I came across this LENS story on Saturday. It’s simply, heartwarming, and heartbreaking all at once. I definitely recommend giving it a quick read. #CATS

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Listen to.  I definitely go through phases where I become slightly obsessed with things for a short while. Once, it was seltzer. Then the Hunger Games. Then baking macaroons. And now it’s podcasts. I’ve always been a fan of This American Life (likeee most people) and listened to this show while foam rolling/ stretched/half-napping after my long run. I’m definitely on the “skeptical” side of coincidences, as is the host on this show, but it nonetheless was a fun and super interesting podcast to listen to.

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Download. I’ve always enjoyed listening to Local Natives, but didn’t really pay much attention to the buzz when their new album, Hummingbird, was released. I finally started using Spotify (I know…) and have listend to the album over..and over. It’s stunning. The track “Columbia” is probably the best on the album, and is Pitchfork describes, is “warm and emotionally cathartic.” 



Think about. I’ve been keeping up with the Kenyan elections, especially since one of my friends was there watching everything unfold. Uhuru Kenyatta has won, and has also been accused by the ICC for his part in the horrific death squads that took place in the 2008 election. As The New York Times wrote, “Mr. Kenyatta’s trial is set for July, which means that Kenya … could soon have a president commuting back and forth from The Hague, simultaneously trying to run a country and keep himself out of jail.” Immediately, this reminds me how lucky we have it in the United States. Kenyatta makes even Paul Ryan seem fantastic.



Cook. The other week, I decided to make some soup: red lentil coconut curry soup, in fact. You can find the recipe on my wonderful friend Kate’s blog. It’s SUPER easy, delicious, and feeds families for days. (Or me, for weeks.) 



Try. I’ve been starting to run without music again. I noticed I couldn’t hear my footstrike or my breathing, and I also wasn’t as focused on form. I’m finding that unplugging really helps me run better and be able to gauge how hard I’m working. Plus, as spring finally comes back I can look at the beeeautiful surroundings without T.I. ruining the moment.



Look at. I gawk at Cabin Porn everyday. And you should too. It increases happiness. 


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marketing director at Possible. formerly at Greatist. Still running, finding zen, and searching for the perfect bloody mary.

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  1. THANK YOU for Cabin Porn! bookmarking!

  2. I listened to the coincidence story too! The grandma and granddaughter at the beginning were hilarious! I too left music at home over the past couple years (for safety reasons too) and I think my form has improved considerably 🙂

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