marathon training: week 12

This last week of training was pretty bumpy in the beginning, but ended up being great. I was having a pretty shitty week in real-life, but used running as my “Pharmacy-free Rx,” which worked wonders. 

The next two weeks = peak training weeks, which means two more weeks of high mileage before it’s time to taper. I’m getting more antsy by the minute (28 days till Eugene, whaaaat), but luckily I feel like the real countdown to Oregon can begin. So does my iPhone.


Monday: Yoga
I received some very sad news regarding my friend’s family right as I was entering the studio, and I probably should’ve turned right around. But, no better time for a yoga class? Spent about half the class in child’s pose.

Tuesday: 5 miles (8:00), strength
Easy five miles along the Hudson. All I really remember was that it was cold and windy.

Wednesday: 9 miles (7:45)
This run was… interesting. I had 6 miles on the schedule, so decided to do one loop of Central Park after work. However, I got so “in the zone” and ended up going for nine. I’ve had those runs where I literally feel like I’m flying, but this was necessarily the case. I just felt numb. I ended the run and didn’t even feel tired. It was bizarre.

Thursday: Rest

Friday: 5 miles (7:50), strides & strength
I worked from home on Friday so was able to sneak a “late morning” 9:30 run in. I went around the hood and the track, and felt really great. I made it home just in time for a conference call too, where I was laying on my yoga mat in a sports bra. AND NOBODY KNEW. 

Saturday: 20 miles (8:20)
Did my long run in Northport, since I was home visiting my fam for Easter! I had no idea how this run would go, since my neighborhood is obnoxiously hilly. After stalling for two hours in the AM, I went. The first half, as always, was great — I ran to the beach and all around the harbor. Then I started getting super thirsty, so went on a water fountain hunt for a few miles. (Local library FTW). Then, since I’m  a genius, I decided to map out the final 10K that led me to a massive, steep motherf*cking hill at mile 15. With about 30 meters left, my body just buckled. I physically couldn’t run the final few steps, so walked to the top, which luckily has a very scenic view of the LI Sound. I shut off my music and realized I was wheezing like a crazy person, so allowed my asthmatic lungs to chill out for a minute, told myself “only five more miles, only five more miles,” and was able to finish the run, while exhausted, still in one piece. I even managed to hang out with some frieeeends downtown a few hours later (instead of my usual nap+eat+nap+eat+go to bed routine after long runs). 

dtes dk

Sunday: 4 miles (8:00)
Recovery run before Easter brunchhhhhh! My body was pretty tired, but it felt good to shake out the legs. Anways… EASTER FOOD.




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marketing director at Possible. formerly at Greatist. Still running, finding zen, and searching for the perfect bloody mary.

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  1. I’m sorry to hear about your bad news with your friends family, but good for you for recognizing you needed to spend some time in child’s pose instead of forcing your practice.

    To be honest that is something I am terrible at, I think I pulled something in my yoga practice a few days ago and today I was in a class and was in a lot of pain, I should have stopped, but I kept trying to push through it (even though I tell people not to all the time…oops!), and finally my friend who was teaching the class came over and said to me “you are obviously in pain, go get a bolster and do some restorative poses”. That was the right thing to do, but for some reason I needed someone else to give me “permission” to do it…not good…need to work on that!

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