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I’ve been itching to write lately, but have had trouble coming up with anything remotely interesting/worth writing about. Running has been a slow and frustrating comeback; my asthmatic lungs have not agreed with the sticky rise in temps, and anything over four miles makes me start wheezing like a champ. That, and I find I’m so darn tired that my legs can’t push for more than 30 minutes. I’ve been patiently waiting for my redemption run – a run where I can go 10 or so miles and feel like I’m floating or flying. It doesn’t have to be fast. It just has to feel good. 

Until then, I’ve been in the midst of a lil apartment makeover. I’ve got a new roommate who has an “eye” for making places nice, and welp, our futon, desk, and some eclectic art pieces had to go. We made a scary trip to IKEA (I even wrote about it) where we bought a couch, bookshelf, wardrobe, and I finally finally got myself a real bed. (I spent $600 in total and nearly vomited.) I theeen spent a whole beautiful weekend indoors, trying to put together a bed by myself, which ended up collapsing on me on Sunday night. After crying enough tears to create a personal monsoon, I gave up and hired a Taskrabbit. But now I have a bed! And being so high up is weird!

So rather than writing and running a whole lot, I’ve been reading. Some favorites here:

How the drive to run 26.2 does the world good – NY Daily News

Why nobody can afford to live in major cities – Financial Times

What 13 popular websites used to look like  – Yahoo!

“I get it” – Seth Godin

I know what you think of me – The New York Times

The futility of comparing yourself to others – Zen Habits

The ends of the road (pics) – The Atlantic

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marketing director at Possible. formerly at Greatist. Still running, finding zen, and searching for the perfect bloody mary.

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  1. Hey! Tap into your inspiration writing book I made ya, yo!

  2. Except this was a while ago so, your problem is likely solved. 🙂

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