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As of late, here are some things I am really enjoying:

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Medium. Medium is a new social platform where people can write about, well, anything. I kind of view it as a Thought Catalog that actually publishes good content; posts are longer than 140 characters (finally!) though many are still shorter than a typical guest blog post. The stories are useful, funny, and well-written. The constant feed emulates a Twitter feed in some ways, making the writing and reading seem collaborative and social, though the thoughts are less fleeting. Medium is still in beta, so I’m anxiously awaiting the ability to submit some drafts — though most of the writers on there see kinda “famous” so I don’t know when my turn will be. Sad.
Some stories I’ve enjoyed:
It’s Not That Difficult
How To Be Happy
Why I Love Twitter and Barely Tolerate Facebook


Heirloom Tomatoes. Holy bananas. (Or tomatoes?) I went to the farmer’s market yesterday to pick up some fresh veggies for a dinner party, and they ended up only having heirloom tomatoes — which are mad moneys. Then, I decided to JFDI and purchased a beautiful, plump, delicious-looking tomato for…$4.50. I died a little inside, but when we sliced that baby up, sprinkled on a little salt, and ate away, I died a little inside again, this time going straight to tomato heaven. 

Daft Punk. I’ve always liked Daft Punk — but it wasn’t until their latest album Random Access Memories came out did I start to fall in love. This album is a lot more mellow than the French duo’s normal repertoire, but it has such an amazing groove and the arrangements are out of this world. (And hey, Pitchfork liked it too, which isn’t a bad thing.) My favorite tune is probably “Doin’ It Right,” which may be because I hold a soft spot for Panda Bear. (Who’s featured in it.) I seriously think the only way someone could convince me to go to Da Club is if Daft Punk was playing all night.


Gin. Whiskey will always be #1 in my heart, but for some reason, I’ve been on a crazy gin kick as of late. I think I’m channeling my inner Jordan Shakeshaft, because all I want when it’s hot out and I’m sitting outside is a refreshing gin and soda with lots n’ lots of lime. Or a gin martini with extra olives and a really adorable olive pick-thing and a really awesome friend to go with it. 


Ignore the YOLO

I love lawn games (bocce, horseshoes, croquet, sholf, etc) especially when there is a beer in my other hand, a bunch of friends partaking, and a barbecue going. And this 4th of July, I got to get my dose of lawn games without a lawn down in Brooklyn at Greenwood Park. I was even partnered up with this Italian gentleman, whose English is as good as his bocce skills. (We lost.) 


Long Island City. Speaking of being outdoors, my brother, sister-in-law, and I discovered the beauty that is Long Island City. Their park is only a few subways stops from where we live, and is pretty big and pretty beautiful. There are tons of places to lie out, cool benches and lounge chairs to sit on, small walking paths, and a few playgrounds. And apparently there’s free yoga and kayaking on the weekends, and light shows at night. I dig it. NATURE!

Treadmills. WHAT?! Yeah. I’ve barely been able to run over five miles (still…) and have been frustrated beyond belief. I finally gave in and tried to see if I’m awfully out of shape, or if a lot of it is the stupid heat and if I’d feel OK on the dreadmill. I went to the gym this AM, hopped on my “lucky” treadmill (#17), busted out Pandora’s top hits playlist, and ran for a glorious 60 minutes. And I oddly loved every single step of it … because I felt like myself again. And I haven’t run that long (sadly) in FOREVER. And right now my legs feel sore and tired and I’m loving every ounce of it. 

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  1. Yes!! To everything in this post. Daft Punk is amazing (and Doin’ It Right is definitely the best song on the album). I love gin – such a refreshing drink and so versatile in cocktails. And heirloom tomatoes are pretty rad – I’m willing to pay decent money on occasion for perfect fresh produce. It’s pretty disappointing though if you decide to splurge and it ends up being tasteless.

  2. I LOVE the new Daft Punk album!!! My favorite song is Fragments of Time. Derek and I literally listened to the album over and over the whole way to and from Vermont when we went up for my marathon.

    Also, it’s okay if you are having a running funk, it’s so freaking hot outside anyway. You won’t always feel that way. And hey, at least you can run 😉

  3. let’s get back to that italian man. yum!! forget his skills 🙂 and you look beautiful!! i keep meaning to download daft punk (rarely on my home computer these days). and, pandoras top hits is the ONLY thing that gets me through the elliptical and bike these days.

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