summer to fall

I definitely got my fill of adventure in this summer. I hiked the AT (with a bear), hung out with my Grandma in Florida, spent a weekend out east with friends, and juuust got back from a wedding in Greenbay. Some other things of note: buying a bed, naked yoga, Coney Island and lots of park-hopping, spending quality #yolo time with Danielle before she moved to LA, spending time with a new/wonderful roommate, hanging with three too many gentlemen and having a silent panic attack, and lots of chips + guac + gin for dinner.

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Still, I couldn’t help but be a little relieved when the calendar flipped to September. As much as I love summer, I feel this weird pressure to havesomuchfunallthetime — to be super social while getting shit done at work, keeping your health in check (aka not chips for dinner) and clocking in a bunch of miles.  I can easily kind of hate new york, so I almost need to stay super busy, almost need to forget my summer days are mainly spent in the concrete jungle instead of somewhere else less…city. 

With fall, I feel like things settle down a bit. Expectations slow down, the weather cools off, and all the things best about it — changing leaves, pumpkin everything, apple picking, etc — come into full force. So while trying not to re-state the obvious, here’s what I’m looking forward to most this beautiful, beautiful autumn:

I love that it is dark when I wake up. I know that might sound a bit weird, but it’s mainly because my blind broke a few months ago. Instead of trying to fix it, I just deal with the sun waking me up times way too early. So now…I may be able to sleep a little longer, especially on the weekends.

I can finally, truly enjoy hot coffee. I brew coffee every morning, but sometimes it has been less than enjoyable to sip on a piping mug of coffee while the temperature is well into the 90’s outside. Iced coffee just isn’t my thing, so I’m happy to enjoy my hot coffee in slightly better conditions. Speaking of..

I will have a significantly lower electric bill. Stupid AC. I tried to make a rule that I wouldn’t turn on my AC until 11pm, and only if it was “an 8 or higher” on my scale of “what are the chances you will not be able to sleep because it is so hot out.” 

Scarves and sweaters. Simply the best. I like being bundled, cozy, layered, and warm.

I can cook without it being 80 bajillion degrees in my apartment. Nothing like roasting some vegetables and having two skillets going and NOT having this significantly lower my mood because of the amount I’m sweating/the amount of clothes I am not wearing. 

Mulled wine and hot toddy’s coming back in season. These are two of my favorite things.

Perfect running weather / marathon season. Saved the best (and probably most obvious) for last. I can’t waaaait to start going on longer runs, especially in the morning. And not being confined to the treadmill. And watching everyone start to peak train, taper, and then crush their marathon goals while I #fomo and probably try to register for Boston… (:

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