a final sunday evening

Sunday evenings have always felt special to me. People often dread them, since Monday morning is right around the corner and that typically means back to the 9-5 grind. So I’ve always felt incredibly lucky that I generally love them, since I have a job I look forward to going to each morning.

I’ve worked at Greatist for over 2.5 years, and tonight is my final “Sunday evening” with them. About a month ago, I made one of the most difficult decisions in my life, which was to enter another life chapter and leave what has been my job, my second home, and my other family, for nearly three years.

I chose the word difficult over hard (if there actually a difference) because I know deep down it is the right move. It certainly doesn’t make it any easier — it has been an insanely challenging last few months (hence the writing silence) wondering if I would change my mind, if I would regret my decision, and/or if I would ever find another job just as demanding and fulfilling. I was also afraid Greatist set my standards too high, and I would never be as satisfied in a different career.

But I realized Greatist taught me I shouldn’t settle for less, and my next step has to be something that thrills and challenges me just the same, if not more. And after weighing a ton of options (opportunities across the country, along with traveling and working abroad) I took another incredibly exciting job in New York. I’ll be the marketing director at Possible, where my first day includes getting on a plane and flying to Nepal (!!) for two weeks, where the organization delivers high-quality, durable healthcare. I feel incredibly humbled, excited, and of course a bit scared — but most importantly confident that this next move is absolutely the right one.

All that said, this last week at Greatist will (obviously) be tough. I just read an email my boss sent to the team scoping out the next six months, and I felt a sad sense of disconnection, even though I know such a huge piece of my heart will stay with the organization and team. The mission is something I still believe in and support 150%, and I feel so lucky to have had a part in growing it for so long.

I’m not sure everyone at Greatist will truly know the impact they’ve made on my life. I’ve learned so much, grown so much, and have been surrounded by amazing people who’ve pushed me further than I thought possible — who’ve allowed and encouraged me to bring my whole self to work and who I can most certainly call true friends. So thank you for an amazing journey, and for reinforcing the powerful notion that you should never settle for less and you should always work insanely hard for the things that matter most to you.

So onwards and upwards to a new career, a new team, and a new sense of gratitude and excitement when Sunday evening rolls around.

About Laura

marketing director at Possible. formerly at Greatist. Still running, finding zen, and searching for the perfect bloody mary.

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  1. I am so grateful to Greatist for introducing the two of us. Sounds like you are on to such amazing new things! So glad you posted about this and can’t wait to hear about your new adventures with Possible 🙂

  2. Whoa, big change! So excited for you as you take this next step of your journey, Laura!!

  3. Meg Costello

    So excited and so proud! You’ll rock it ❤

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