thought for thursday

I thought about this on Wednesday, but I like alliterations.  And maybe this can be a theme on the blog…! Thoughts for Thursdays, Facts for Fridays…Mundane Mondays? Tips on Tuesdays? Ehh.

Anyways, lets talk vision. Familiarity. Physical perspective. What do I mean exactly?

Yesterday at work, I tried sitting in all the different areas of our three-floor, chaotically designed building; it was slow, so I passed the time staring at the architecture from different standpoints while waiting for customers. Then I remembered how I first pictured the building when I walked in to inquire about a job: the kitchen was secretly tucked in the back to the left, the 2nd floor bar all the way on the right seemed way too exclusive for my liking, and the third floor-forget it.  That seemed miles away, and waaay too VIP for me.

It’s funny how my perspective of the restaurant has changed.  I’m usually standing in the back by the kitchen, so my vision of the floor plan is reversed, as I look out into the dining room, towards the entrance.  The whole place looks completely different now that I’m familiar with it.  It’s like a brand new space.

When the unknown becomes common-place, your vision of that space dramatically changes. It’s like putting on a funky pair of glasses. I remember the first time I sat in Big Trees grease-van, the first time I walked into my dormitory in Ghana, the way I looked at Skidmore on my first tour.  These spaces–both small and large–changed. Not physically, but..optically.

Cool, right?

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marketing director at Possible. formerly at Greatist. Still running, finding zen, and searching for the perfect bloody mary.

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